Flying Saucer Sour Beer Week and KC Beer Fest

Sour beers are one of the hottest things going in the craft beer world right now. It has become commonplace for beer geeks to drive hundreds of miles to wait in line for hours just to get their hands on the latest sour beer release. If that seems like a lot of effort just to buy a beer, well you’re probably right.

Not to say that meeting new people and sharing beers with people who possess the same love for craft beer as you do at these releases isn’t fun. It’s actually a lot of fun and is a great way to try some beers that you never thought you would get within an arm’s reach of. Realistically though, not everyone can drop everything in their life to wait in line for hours on end while hanging on to a small amount of hope the beer they drove overnight for won't sell out before they reach the front of the line.

The truth is there are so many great sour beers (and beers in general) that are easily accessible and sit on liquor store and grocery store shelves every day. Sometimes it’s nice just to be able to walk into any given store and buy a beer without dealing with all the hype surrounding it.

Sour Beer Week – Flying Saucer

This week Flying Saucer is going to give you the chance to try some fantastic sour beer from five breweries who have brewed some of those rare, extremely sought after beers and will wrap up the week by hosting KC Beer Fest in the Power & Light District.

All Sour Beer Week events start at 7:00 PM and I promise you won’t have to sleep in your car overnight in order to get a pour.

The lineup for the week looks like this:

Monday 9/14 – Mikkeller Monday featuring beers from the Spontan Series including Cassis, Apricot, Blackthorn and Roseship

Thursday 9/15 – New Belgium Night featuring Eric’s Ale, Le Terroir and 2014 La Folie

Wednesday 9/16 – Prairie Artisan Ales Keep the Glass night featuring Brett C and Somewhere

Thursday 9/17 – Jolly Pumpkin Night featuring Saison X and Tales of the Last Gypsy Blender with food pairings

Friday 9/18 – Perennial Artisan Ales Night featuring Suburban Beverage, Peach Berliner Weisse and Savant Beersel

KC Beer Fest – Power & Light District

Hopefully you don’t overdo it on sour beer during the week because on Saturday September 19th Flying Saucer will be hosting this year’s KC Beer Fest and there will be a lot more great beer that needs drinking. 

This year’s festival will feature beer from over 40 breweries, rare keg tappings, live music and food available from different food trucks and gourmet food booths.

General admission tickets are still available and will get you in the door from 3:00 PM – 6:00PM. A general admission ticket includes a souvenir tasting glass with unlimited pours from more than 200 craft beers. Tickets can be purchased here.

And as if they hadn’t done enough for the week already, Flying Saucer will also be hosting a pre and post KC Beer Fest party that will include special tappings all day.

The brewery list for KC Beer Fest includes:

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