A Worthwhile Growler Filler Kickstarter...Finally!

Elegant design. Not so elegant name. 
I'm not much of a Kickstarter guy. I've never contributed to one, and I mostly ignore the constant barrage of crowdfunding emails that I get. Most of the time, I either see no point to the product that they're trying to produce, or it seems like a completely pie in the sky idea that will never work. But after years of seeing this stuff, I've finally found a Kickstarter campaign that looks worthwhile. It's even got a catchy name: The CO2 Beer Tap Head System.

Growlers are both awesome and awful. Love getting the fresh beer, hate drinking it the next day when it's all flat and stale. We've been through this all before so I won't dwell. I've seen plenty of silly ideas about how to fix the Growler Problem. Most of them require some huge investment by the brewpub/bar, the drinker, or both. Things like counter-pressure fillers that can run into the $1000's to overly complicated systems that have loads of proprietary parts and utilize non-reusable/non-recyclable materials. 

Well someone has finally come up with what I see as the most simple and elegant system to keep a growler fresh. It's one of those things that gets you wondering, why hasn't someone thought of that before? The thing is just a special cap that you screw onto the top of a standard 64oz stainless steel growler. The cap houses a tap with a dip-tube and a space where you insert one of those little CO2 cartridge that you can buy anywhere for a little of nothing (and they're recyclable). You just fill the growler like normal out of the tap, screw on the cap, and it pressurizes the growler keeping your beer fresh and carbonated. You can even adjust the pressure you want with a little built-in regulator. 

From the looks of it, they're giving them out as a reward for giving $65, but I imagine they'll be less than that once in production. They're only asking for $15,000 to get it into production, which is a pittance compared to most Kickstarter campaigns. 

It sounds like this could be a really excellent system to have if you're into getting growlers filled. Still, I think I'll keep my streak of never contributing to a crowdfunding campaign going, but hey, I figured some of you might be interested. And maybe if you step up, I can buy one retail once they're in full production. 

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