Simplified BJCP Scoresheet for Beer Competitions

The Beer Judge Certification Progream (the association that certifies homebrew compeition judges and sanctions homebrew competitions among other things) has been working for more than a year to come up with new style and competition guidelines for homebrew competitions. They've had a draft of their guidelines up for some time on the website, which has a number of new styles, eliminated styles, and other changes. The draft guidelines haven't yet been officially approved, but some competitions, like the Missouri Masher's Hot Summer Brew Off, are already slated to start using the new guidelines this year. (And by the way, the competition entry window for the Hot Summer Brew Off is open now through April 7.)

Thankfully, as of this morning, the BJCP has also provided an updated and simplified scoresheet to go along with the new guidelines. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten copies of the old scoresheet back that just had way too much unnecessary analysis and a far to specific point allocation. I mean, who actually decided that the appearance of a beer should be worth 3 points out of 50?? Also, isn't aroma nearly as important as flavor? So why does aroma get 12 points out of 50, and flavor gets 20 points out of the total 50? It was really just too complicated and unnecessary. So because of all this, I'm very excited about the new scoresheet.

Here's a copy of the new scoresheet to check out:

(By the way, if you haven't figured it out by now, look at the date. But please do note, that the info on the Missouri Mashers competition is real! Go sign up your brews!)

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