Monday, February 2, 2015

Boulevard Chocolate Ale Sightings

Today is the day.

Boulevard Chocolate Ale has started showing up on tap around town.  Below is a list of restaurants/bars that have received it and currently have it available on tap (or will be tapping it today).

We will continue to update this list as well on where to find bottles for sale tomorrow and later this week. Also, keep in mind that we're only posting locations that we have confirmed have the beer. There are no doubt a whole lot more locations that got it that we haven't been able to confirm. You may actually be more likely to get a hold of a bottle if you find it at your local mom & pop liquor store if they got an allotment than by going to one of the big guys!

Update 2/3: Looks like bars on the KS side have not yet received their kegs of Chocolate Ale. The MO side bars received theirs yesterday. Looks like most KS locations are showing that they'll be tapping their kegs tonight or later.

On Tap

We've added the bars sequentially when we saw that they had tapped their kegs of Chocolate Ale. So it's possible that the first bars at the top of each region still have the beer on tap, it's not likely. If you're really jonesing for a taste, your best bet would be to check out the places towards the bottom of each regional list, or go to the bars yet to tap their kegs that we've noted.

KCMO & Southland
Martin City Brewing
Summit Grill & Bar (Lee's Summit)
Flying Saucer
Waldo Pizza (Lee's Summit)
The Well (Waldo)
Charlie Hoopers (Brookside)
Governor Stumpy's
O'dowds Little Dublin
Gram & Dun
Westport Ale House
Bier Station
Johnny's (Power & Light)
Beer Kitchen
BRGR (Power & Light)
Extra Virgin
The Brick - With Chocolate Ale Floats!
810 Zone Lee's Summit - Bottles
Grains & Taps
Tomfooleries Restaurant & Bar
The Foundry
Local Pig Westport/Preservation Market/Bridger's Bottle Shop
75th Street Brewery
Waldo Pizza (Waldo)
Green Room Burgers & Beer - Taping Friday (2/6)

Johnson County
Burg & Barrel
Blue Moose (135th)
Fox & Hound
Grinder's Stonewall
BRGR (Prairie Village)
Barley's Brewhouse 119th
Barley's Brewhouse Leawood
Coach's Bar & Grill
Urban Table
Saints Pub
Talk of the Town (Leawood)
Hy-Vee 95th Street Bar
Blue Moose (Lenexa) - Tapping Friday (2/6)

Liberty Bell Pub
Rock & Run Brewery
Brass Rail
Rusty Horse Tavern
Trezo Mare
Grain to Glass
Smokehouse BBQ Zona Rosa
Kelso's (North KC)

Jazz Louisiana Kitchen - Tapping Friday (2/6)

Burger Stand
Red Lyon Tavern
Dempsey's Burger Pub
Frank's North Star Tavern
Bird Dog Bar (at the Oread) - Tapping Thursday night (2/5)

In Bottles

We can't guarantee that any of theplaces we've listed still have Chocolate Ale. We're posting whenever we can confirm that it's sold out somewhere, but it's nearly impossible for us to tell if its sold out without bombarding everywhere with phone calls. Safe to say, most of the liquor stores in town are likely sold out at this point, except for the ones that we've noted have yet to put their bottles out on the shelves. I'm sure the bottles at those locations will go fast as well!

KCMO & Southland
Price Chopper Stores Area Wide - Limit 1 bottle, ask at customer service for the bottle
Mike's Wine & Spirits (Waldo)
Mike's Wine & Spirits (Westport)
Mr. Z's In and Out
Hy-Vee Independence
Brookside Wine & Spirits
Cosentino's Market Brookside - Limit 2 bottles
Cosentino's Market Downtown - Ask at customer service
Cellar Rat
Gomer's South - SOLD OUT
Lukas Liquor - Limit 2 bottles - SOLD OUT
Royal Liquors (103rd) - Limit 1 bottle - SOLD OUT
Hy-Vee Lee's Summit East - SOLD OUT
Bier Station - Limit 2 bottles - SOLD OUT

Johnson County
King's Liquor (Olathe) - Limit 1 bottle - On Sale Friday (2/6) at 4pm
Bootleg Liquors - On Sale Friday (2/6)
Lukas Liquor OP - BACK ON THE SHELVES (2/5)
Rimann Liquor (Prairie Village) - Limit 2 bottles
Metcalf Discount Liquor (91st St)
K-7 Liquors - Limit 1 bottle
Jack's Discount Liquor - Limit 1 bottles
Coleman Liquor - Limit 2 bottles
Rimann Liquor (Lenexa) - Limit 1 bottle - SOLD OUT
Brown Bag Liquor (Olathe) - Limit 2 bottles - SOLD OUT
MDL Wine & Spirits (95th St) - SOLD OUT
Metcalf Discount Liquor (135th St) - SOLD OUT
Gomer's Lenexa - SOLD OUT
Beer Cave (Overland Park) - Limit 3 bottles - SOLD OUT

Riverside Red X
Beer & Wine Club (Gladstone)
Bubble's Gladstone - Limit 1 bottle
Price Chopper Stores Area Wide - Limit 1 bottle, ask at customer service for the bottle
Hy-Vee Barry Road
Hy-Vee 64th Street - Limit 2 bottles
Hy-Vee Liberty - SOLD OUT

Lawrence, KS
On The Rocks Liquor
Cork & Barrel (Both Locations) - SOLD OUT

If you see bottles or on tap somewhere not listed, feel free to let us know in the comments below and we will get it added.


  1. Bubbles in Gladstone has their shipment. Limit one and is $15.09 with tax.

  2. Got my bottle at Gomer's South, one bottle limit. Lukas Liquor OP also posted they have it.

  3. Summit Grille (Waldo) The Well, Lew's, Charlie Hooper's and Gov. Stumpy's have Chocolate ale on tap.

  4. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

  5. Rimann Liquor (Lenexa) is Limit 1 bottle.

  6. Johnson County / Jack's Discount Liquor/ W. 95th Street / Lenexa (by Sam's Club) in stock. Limit 2.

  7. 15.99 at cosentinos brookside. 2 per customer. 20 cases received.

  8. $12.99 per bottle

  9. Waldo Pizza (in Waldo) does not have it.

  10. Took it off for now. Had heard that they had tapped it. Do you know if they haven't tapped it at all or if they just sold out of it?

  11. Just haven't tapped yet- will have it Thursday this week (at least that's what our server said). The Well did have it. Brookside Wine and Spirits still did too, as of about 5:30.

  12. Price Choppers will vary by location (in timing at least). Customer service desk at the I70 & Noland location said at least Thursday before they get it.

  13. Awesome. Thanks for the info! Think I must have got confused with the LS Waldo Piazza tapping today.

  14. Cosentino's Downtown had them behind the customer service desk last night.

    Cellar Rat in Crossroads should have gotten them last night, with them available this morning.

  15. Rimann Liquor on 87th is sold out. According to them their PV store still has some.

  16. Metcalf Discount Liquor on 135th sold out yesterday afternoon.

  17. Lukas Liquor OP, MDL on 95th, and Beer Cave on 87th are all sold out, FYI.

  18. Thanks for the updates! I was at Rimann in PV last night at about 6:30 and they still had about 10 cases left. Not sure how much they might have sold last night though.

  19. Coleman Liquor on 119th and Lackman has it. $12.73 + tax, 2 bottle limit. Got mine at lunch.

  20. Talk of the town on 135th and nall has it on tap and it bottles! Let's get chocolate wasted!

  21. Both gomers South and gomers Lenexa are sold out.

  22. Costco on Linwood Blvd has A LOT.

  23. QuikTrip on 3rd St. in Lee's Summit actually has bottles of Chocolate Ale available. I walked in to grab some Tank 7 and was amazed and somewhat perplexed by this offering. Regardless, it is there and there was one bottle of Imp Stout X left.