Sam Adams Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru Tour to Stop in KC

Sam Adam's KMF Tour coming to KC.
In further proof of Kansas City being the best place on Earth, our awesome beer community voted KC to be the People's Choice stop on the Sam Adams Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru Tour! There were cities nominated from 37 different states for this opportunity and we came out on top.

Kansas City will be the 12th and final stop on the tasting tour. Exact dates and locations are yet to be determined, but the event is being planned for the end of November or beginning of December. They will likely be tapping the beer at a number locations around town. Other cities have had the beer on tap from 4 too 22 different locations. The special tapping events will be the only place that you will be able to try this beer.

This is the first time Sam Adams has released the KMF Grand Cru. They've actually been making the beer since 2009 when they installed three 4,000 gallon oak brandy barrels to age the beer in. The KMF Grand Cru has served as the foundation for all of their barrel room collection beers since then. They blend the Grand Cru into each of the styles in varying amounts to add extra tartness and complexity to the beers. Now they're finally releasing it in it's aged, un-blended form.

The beer is fermented with wild yeast and bacteria that the brewers collected at the brewery. They cultured up native wild yeast and bacteria living in the brewery in the Lambic tradition. According to Sam Adams, the culture includes brettanomyces yeasts, lactobacilli and "other wild critters." They've aged the Grand Cru for two years in the brandy barrels to add to the complexity. In addition to the slow secondary fermentation by the wild yeast and bacteria over those two years, they brewed the beer with Special B and Munich malts which give rich sherry and toffee flavors when slowly oxidized over time.

Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams, puts it this way, "Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru is tart and funky, with notes of dark fruit, cocoa, cherry and vanilla, as well as a subtle smooth sweetness. Although KMF Grand Cru may not be for everyone – it’s certainly not your average beer – I believe it is a truly delicious brew that will open many palates and minds to the world of funky beers."

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