Short Pours - 8/11/14

Grinders at Stonewall

(photo: Recommended Daily)
The new installment of Grinders opens tomorrow in Lenexa. They've taken over the old Stonewall Inn at 103rd & Pflumm that closed down in 2012. They've completely renovated the interior, but plan to keep the exterior of the buildings and site close to the original. Recommended Daily has a good article and interview with Stretch on the new restaurant that's worth a read. It's great to see more beer-focused, locally-owned places opening up out in the 'burbs. There's a huge underserved population of beer lovers out there that I'm sure will be going out to Grinders at Stonewall in droves.

Border Brewing Co

One of the newer arrivals to the brewery-in-planning roster in KC, the Border Brewing Company, has an official location. They announced today that they're working on renovating 406 E 18th Street, KCMO, right across the street from Grinders in the Crossroads. The Star first reported on the brewery back on May. They're still planning on opening this Fall, but it looks like they've got a ton of work ahead of them to make that happen. Then again, the owner, Eric Martins, is an engineer who graduated from K-State, which basically means that if anyone can get it done, it's him. (Yea, I'm biased.) In any case, we wish them the best for a speedy build-out and easy licensing process!

Big Rip Cool Bus Tour

The guys at Big Rip are putting together the awesome event you thought of but never got around to--renting a school bus and party busing around town to all the new breweries. The tour is on Saturday, Sept. 20, from 11am to 6p. They're planning on visiting Martin City, KC Bier Co., Rock and Run, and Cinder Block. The tickets are $40 per person ($35 for mug club members), which includes all you can drink beers at Big Rip, but not for the other breweries. You'll be on the hook at the other breweries for your own beer.

Cinetopia 18 OP Abita Beer Dinner

This event has been canceled!

The shiny new Cinetopia 18 in Overland Park (part of the Prairie Fire development), is hosting a beer dinner with Abita next Thursday, August 21st at 6pm. I haven't been out to Cinetopia yet, but I've heard some mixed reviews. Even so, the beer menu for this event sounds pretty fantastic, and something close to home for all the south JoCo'ers out there. I'll be interested to see what you all think of it. You can call the theater for more information and tickets at (913) 402-9300. (On a side note, I hope that the first food course on the menu is supposed to be lobster croquettes, and not lobster crochet.)

Also, while looking into this beer dinner, I found their badass lineup of Sci Fi movies that they're showing on Wednesday nights starting Aug. 20th and running for the next 4 months. Pretty much every movie the Millennial Nerd (i.e., ME) could ever want to see on a 75' movie screen. I digress, apologies.

Edit: Crawford has confirmed that is not, in fact, going to be lobster crochet. That would have been an epic prank though.

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