2014 KC Nanobrew Festival

The 2014 KC Nanobrew Festival tickets have officially gone on sale. The festival is set for Saturday, June 28 from 2-6pm in the Liberty City Hall parking lot, just around the corner from the Liberty Square. The new location for this year's fest will be just across the street from Rock and Run Brewery and Pub. The new space will be twice as large which means more beer!

For those not familiar with the Nanobrew Festival it started 5 years ago when some friends decided to through a little beer festival in a backyard in Brookside. The festival featured their homebrew and friends homebrew. The get together was a huge hit and spawn the idea to grow the event into a full fledged beer festival.

The festival features some of the best homebrewers in the Metro who are passionate about beer and love to be creative with their craft. If you are on the adventurous side you need to come to this festival. Homebrewers are well known for doing some interesting things with beer. Are you all ready for barbecue Beer? I know the Missouri Mashers are working on several flavors of Skeeterpee. IPA's, sours, fruit beer, stouts, etc whatever you flavor, the Nanobrew Festival won't disappoint in the amount of variety.

The Festival's goal has always been about the brewers and their beer. The Festival has been a launching platform for inspiring homebrewers looking to make the leap to professional brewing. Big Rip, Cinder Block, and Rock and Run have all started out at the Nanobrew Festival along with upcoming breweries Crane Brewing and Red Crow. Who will be next?

Hope to see you there.

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