Kansas Craft Beer Week

It's Kansas Craft Beer Week! At least according to some enterprising beer lovers here in the state. With the American Craft Beer Week coming up in less than a month, I can't say that we really need another beer week, but then again I always welcome another excuse to drink beer while thinking about how awesome Kansas is. (It helps when I don't have to drive to Missouri to get my beer too...) Here in town Crawford, the local member of the Kansas Craft Alliance, will be putting on events all over Joco. They're bringing in special kegs, firkins, and pins of Tallgrass, Free State, High Noon, Empyrean, New Belgium, Summit and Odell. You can see the full listing of events in the flier below and they're listed on our blog calendar as well. The tappings on Friday at Barley's on 119th look especially tasty. This is the first year that they've done this event, so let's hope for good things and even more tappings next year.

Ad Cerevisia per Aspera!

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