KC Craft Beer Drinkers Survey

Mo the Mule is pissed because
you haven't taken the survey yet.
Or maybe he's just always pissed.
As far as I know, there haven't been any surveys done in Kansas City of our craft beer drinking populous. (Except of course my surveys that I've completed at various bars around town. Then again, I don't think I can claim any statistical integrity to those...) But setting up a survey and doing all the leg work involved seems like far too much work for us here at the Beer Blog. Lucky for us, though--we've got some enterprising college students out of the University of Central Missouri to do the work for us. 

As part of a project for their Organizational Policy and Strategy course, Tucker Cape, Seth Wheeler, Nolan Brooks, Michael Manternach, and Mark Meyers are putting together a report assessing the viability of opening a new microbrewery in KC. They're all seniors (important for Saturday night "market research?") in various majors including marketing, economics, and management. They will be using the survey to collect demographic and behavioral data for the project. Aside from the useful nature of the survey results for our breweries & brewpubs here in town, existing and future, I'll just be interested to see how & where all of you enjoy your beer. We'll be posting the results here once they've been analyzed. 

The survey is open until 11:00 pm this Friday 3/28. It only took me about 10 minutes to fill out the survey, so get to it! Check out the survey at this link:


Update: The group posted a new follow-up survey with two additional questions that they'd like you to answer in addition to the original survey. The follow-up survey will be open until next Thursday. You can access it here:


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