Chocolate Ale In The Wild

As most of you know, Chocolate Ale bottle delivery has been delayed in Kansas City. Reports have come in that Lawrence/Topeka/St. Joe and further have seen bottles on shelves, but as Central States is the sole distributor for Boulevard here in Kansas City, it is entirely up to them when we see bottles. They will likely go out tomorrow on the trucks, or at the latest it should be Saturday. There is no official announcement yet, so just stay tuned.

As for places that have it on tap currently, I've compiled this list from Facebook/Twitter/Untappd - if you have heard of some place that has their Chocolate Ale tapped, please comment below!

Flying Saucer (on their last keg)
Waldo Pizza
Gram & Dunn
Westport Flea Market
Lew's Bar & Grill
Rock & Run Brewery
Governor Stumpy's
Tanner's in Waldo
The Burger Stand (Lawrence)
75th Street Brewery
O'Dowd's Irish Pub
Smokehouse BBQ in Zona Rosa
Updates 02/05:
The Well in Waldo
Helen's JAD in North KC
Jess & Jim's
Martin City Brewery
Jack Stack Martin City
Jefferson's (Lawrence)
BRGR (Prairie Village Location)
Burg & Barrel
Fred P. Ott's (Overland Park)
Side Pockets (North)
Update 02/06 5pm:
Haus (Midtown)
Bier Station
The Other Place (Olathe)
The Rieger
Talk of the Town
The Bell
Conrad's Restaurant & Alehouse
Rusty Horse Tavern
Barley's Brewhaus (Leawood)
Barley's Brewhaus (OP)
810 Zone (Lee Summit)
Brewbakers (Lenexa)
Ugly Joe's Bar & Grill
J. Gilberts
Czar Bar (Midtown)
Update 02/07 3:00pm:
Stone Canyon Pizza (Zona Rosa)
All Star Pizza and Pub 
YaYa's (Leawood)
Nick & Jakes (Leawood)
Red Door (Leawood)
The Foundry
Minksy's (Shawnee)
810 Zone (Leawood)
Kelso's (NKC)
Blue Moose (Prairie Village)
Manny's Mexican
BrewTop (Lee's Summit)
Sports Cave (OP)
Update 02/08 12:01pm:
Tavern in the Village
Westport Cafe and Bar
Jazz (KCK)

It seems as though the keg deliveries did not get very far out, I can't find anywhere in JoCo that has it on tap currently (It looks like the kegs have started arriving in JoCo. BRGR and Burg & Barrel have tapped their kegs, and I imagine more will be following shortly). Again, we'll try to keep you updated.

Update 02/06 9:30am: Central States is making deliveries today. I've heard that Lukas Liquor in OP & KCMO, Tipsy's in Mission, HyVee in Lee Summit, and Brown Bag Liquor in Olathe have all received their chocolate ale. So it's likely at several other stores as well.

Not all locations will get their allocation today, Central States will be making deliveries the rest of the week and on Monday - so don't sweat if you can't get any today. Happy hunting and be kind, people.

Update 02/06 5:00pm: There are lots of places across town that have Chocolate Ale on tap now - if they usually have Boulevard on their tap handles, there is a good chance they got Chocolate Ale. Check FB/Twitter or give them a call.

Lots of stores have sold out. Lukas Liquor in OP and KCMO are both sold out, Rimann in Lenexa and Prairie Village is sold out, MDL on 135th is sold out. Tipsy's is sold out. Costco in Midtown is sold out. Last I heard HyVee on State Line has some, but that also means several other stores likely have it sitting out as well. 

But please, calm down. Central States will be delivering more Chocolate Ale tomorrow and Saturday as well as Monday - so no need to get upset - just stay tuned, there will be more to come. If you picked up some Chocolate Ale today, feel free to let us know in the comments where you got yours.

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