Rock and Run Brewery - Opening Day Impressions

I had a chance to check out Rock and Run Brewery yesterday at lunch time and can attest that it's going to be a great addition to the KC beer scene and especially to the Liberty area. The owners Dan Hatcher and Gene Declue were on hand--greeting guests, handing out beers, and busing tables when they needed to. It's always good to see hands on owners at a restaurant. They also took a few minutes out of their day to give us a quick tour around their brew house to show us their system. They're using a 1 barrel system from Stout Tanks & Kettles, similar to the one used at Green Room. They'll be running two batches back to back every day to keep up with their tapped beer list.

Right now they've got five beers on tap, with some pretty standard and some surprising additions. Their Saminator double IPA really stood out to me out. At 14% abv, it had a lots of flavor and aroma, but no strong solvent alcohol flavors or aromas. It had a bit of alcohol warmth, which will be great come Friday when we go from Spring back to Winter again. The flavor runs on the sweet side but with tons of hops to back it up. Citra and Sorachi Ace hops feature in many of their beers. I can't hide that I was a little jealous when Gene told me he had 600 lbs. of Citra, Sorachi Ace, and Simcoe hops awaiting brewing... I'll definitely be going back for more of the Saminator.

In addition to their beers, they've got a solid tap list of guest beers, good food, and a great looking space. They've even got Local Pig brats on the can't ever go wrong with them. You can see some more pictures from the brewery over on our Facebook page. Did you make it out for their opening day? What did you think? 

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