Thanksgiving - What are KC Brewer's Drinking?

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the internet is thick with Thanksgiving dinner beer pairing guides. With that in mind, we didn't feel the need to give you another guide (except that you should be pairing Ellie's Brown with everything). Instead we wanted to know what our local KC brewers might be drinking with their dinner this Thursday. Here's what they had to say about drinking on this most gastronomic of holidays:

"This Thanksgiving I will most likely be drinking some lighter beers to maximize my food intake ability. Hopefully afterwards I will be drinking some darker go-to beers such as Empyrean's Dark Side Vanilla Porter and North Coast's Old Rasputan Imperial Stout. Perhaps before bedtime I will crack open some homemade chocolate raspberry port for dessert." Josh Collins (The Big Rip Brewing Company)
"I don't plan my drinking too far in advance but most likely will be drinking more than a few random beers I've been saving in the fridge. Right now that consists of a Ter Dolan Kriek, Ommegang's Take the Black Stout, Great Divide's Yeti Imperial Stout and a can of Oskar Blues' Ten Fidy Imperial Stout. I'm sure I'll work in a captain and eggnog throughout the day!" —Kipp Feldt (The Big Rip Brewing Company)  

Josh and Kipp from Big Rip. 
"I’ll be drinking my favorite beer that we brew, Saison-Brett. I dig it with my Thanksgiving meal because it’s super dry and crisp, but has enough complexity and flavor that it goes well with all of the big flavors of the meal: herbs in the stuffing, tart cranberry sauce, and the rich dark meat from the turkey. Turkey breast sucks." —Jeremy Danner (Boulevard Brewing Company)

"I will be drinking 4 Hands Morning Glory, an ale brewed with sweet potatoes and aged on pecan wood. It pours a beautiful burnt orange with a creamy white head, finishing dry and crisp. This 5.5% beer is sessionable enough to keep me from keeling over with drunken turkey belly, as Troy Aikman's robotic monotone drolls on about some cowboys fighting a lion." —Michael Ptacek (Green Room Burgers and Beer)

Mike in the brew room at Green Room
"I will likely drink our KCBC pale Weizenbock with dinner and for dessert, a chocolate infused beer brewed by my nephew, Chad Crawford, called Silent Partner Stout that won first place in the 75th Street Homebrew Contest.  75th Street will brew the recipe and serve Silent Partner Stout in January." —Steve Holle (Kansas City Bier Co.)

"I will bring some of our Weissbier and Doppelbock with me to a family dinner. Both of these biers were made recently on our pilot system and with our malt from Bavaria." —Karlton Graham (Kansas City Bier Co.)

"I'll be drinking any and all Czech Pilseners that I can get my hands on for Thanksgiving. It's my favorite style that goes great with everything and/or nothing! I'll perhaps pour a bit of Boulevard Harvest Dance Wheat Wine at the table...this is such a great food beer. It stores well so I hold some for occasional use." —Keith Thompson (McCoy's Public House)

What will you be drinking with your Thanksgiving dinner?

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