Strong Ale Fest Warmup

As if you needed a little warm up drinking session to get yourself ready for the Strong Ale Fest this weekend, Empyrean is taking over the taps at Green Room today. Featured on the first beer engine will be a firkin of dry hopped Winter Axis infused with mango and hibiscus. (If you've never had hibiscus, it's the flavor of that mysterious red "Jamaica" water at Mexican restaurants. You know, the one next to the mysterious horchata drink? Hope that helps!) There will also be a 5-gal. pin of super secret mystery beer on the second beer engine, only to be revealed to those who drink! On the regular old taps will be a keg of their Oatmeal Stout with cocoa nibs in it and Domino Effect. There will also be Empyrean glassware giveaways for those drinking faithful.

If all this doesn't float your boat, head on over to Bier Station where it's Tallgrass night. A firkin of Curried Buffalo Sweat oatmeal stout will be on tap. I don't know if Buffalo Sweat can really be improved on, but I trust in the mad firkin scientists at Tallgrass to always make awesome stuff!

I know you all want to show up to the Strong Ale Fest with a hangover, so get to it!

Edit: Psych! Bier Station is actually having a firkin of Buffalo Sweat with ancho jalapeƱo/chili peppers. Even better!

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