Changing of the guard/A call for contributors

Those of you who frequent the blog on a regular basis have certainly noticed that recently, blog posts are becoming fewer and farther between. Unfortunately, as the amount of beer news to report has increased over the past few months, so has the amount of activity going on in my life outside the blog. With responsibilities at my job picking up and my daughter getting more involved in various activities that require an increased time commitment, I find my free time dwindling. And when that free time does roll around...well, simply put, sometimes I just don't feel like working more (and yes, blogging about beer can be a job in and of itself, believe it or not).

Brad maintains a role of updating the blog calendar but avoids posting due to his position at a local distributor. So, I've been the sole contributor for actual blog posts, and  writing on here has become something that requires more than one person (which is a good thing). I'm of the Ron Swanson philosophy that you should never half-ass two things, but whole-ass one thing. And I'll be the first to admit my blog efforts have become half-assed. But as much as I love beer, my kid and my job always come first, so I recently decided to set my priorities properly.

So, all of that being said (sorry, you all should know by now that I ramble), I've decided to scale back my role on the blog and give an opportunity to others who are passionate about beer and want to continue spreading the word about all the great things we have happening in Kansas City. I have already been in talks with one person who is going to jump on board and start writing, but I believe the blog would benefit from having another person, or possibly even two, join the ranks and contribute as well.

So, consider this an official call for contributors.

If you have any interest in writing on KC Beer Blog, please shoot me an e-mail at and let me know. There will be no intense interviewing, but at the very least, I'd like to know that you have a) the time to commit b) the love for beer and c) the ability to form a paragraph without butchering the English language. Pretty simple requirements, really.

Thanks to everybody who has read, commented, shared, Liked, retweeted, etc. since I started posting almost two years ago. Though I could sit here and rattle off information about increased Facebook fans, pageviews, etc., the most significant personal takeaway I have is the number of great beer people I've met, in KC and elsewhere, thanks to writing on KC Beer Blog. You guys kick ass and I'm excited to continue seeing you all and talking to you about beer...just as a drinker, not a writer.

Looking forward to hearing from some passionate people who are interested in continuing to spread the good word of beer around Kansas City!


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