Central States/Santa Fe collabo coming in November

Back in May, we announced that Kansas City distributor Central States Beverage (along with a local team that included chef Josh Eans and homebrewer Corey Wood) would be creating a collaboration beer with Santa Fe Brewing Company out of New Mexico. Nearly 4 months later, after deliberation and exchanges between Santa Fe and the local team, details have finally been revealed regarding what type of beer we can expect to see and when it will be arriving in Kansas City.

As an homage to the well-known barbecue scene in Kansas City, the official selection for the collaboration beer is an Imperial Smoked Rye Porter. Per the official press release from Santa Fe, brewer AJ Condit noted “We decided to go bold and do an Imperial style porter so its character would stand up to the big flavors of smoked meats. Not only will this beer scream Kansas City, it will also give a wink to Santa Fe with subtle notes of chipotle chile peppers."

This first-ever brewery/distributor collaboration beer will be released as draft-only in limited quantity in mid-November 2013. 1/3 of the batch will also be reserved for barrel aging. The barrel aged version of the beer is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2014.

Having tasted a fair share of smoked beers and experiencing both the dreadful and the intriguing, I've developed a love/hate relationship with them. But this beer definitely sounds interesting (plus I'm a bit of a sucker for peppers in beer) and I'm excited to try this unique beer that sets Kansas City apart from the rest of the beer world.

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