Short Pours - 7/3/13

New Belgium switches distributors

New Belgium has announced that they will no longer be distributing in Missouri through Major Brands, and have instead signed contracts with a variety of Miller/Coors and ABI networks. This is part of a country-wide effort on New Belgium's part to be contracted through houses that focus their distribution efforts on beer. Word on the street is that the parting of ways with Major Brands was a friendly one and there is no bad blood whatsoever, the move just fell within the brewery's overall nationwide goals. In the Kansas City area, you can now expect New Belgium to be distributed by North Kansas City Beverage (North KC), United Beverage (KC) and County Beverage (Lee’s Summit).

Boulevard Tap Takeover at Bier Station

Though Boulevard has an overall omnipresence in this town, and does a significant share of things like beer dinners and tastings, it's rare that we see any blowout events along the lines of a tap takeover. Until now, that is. Boulevard and Bier Station have joined forces to bring a meet and greet/tap takeover event at 5pm on Wednesday July 10th. Beers that will be hitting the newly expanded tap wall include:

Tripel Julep
Coffee Ale
Tank 7
Double-Wide I.P.A.
Reverb Imperial Pilsner
Grainstorm Black Rye I.P.A.
Nommo Dubbel
KC Pils
80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer

McCoy's taps Blackberry Tart

Today, McCoy's will be tapping one of my absolute favorite beers from them, Blackberry Tart. To make things even better, they'll be breaking out the 2010 Blackberry Tart as well, and you can try the two side by side while it lasts. Flight of the two will only run you $7, so if you are off work early today for the holiday weekend, I highly suggest heading to McCoy's or Foundry and giving these a try.

Pints for Prostates begins at Saucer

For the next four weeks, Flying Saucer will be participating in a program that not only promotes mens health, but will also send someone on a 10 day trip to Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne and Dusseldorf, specifically). Starting tonight, stop in on one of the next four Wednesdays and purchase the featured Belgian beer/glass, and you'll get a raffle ticket to be entered into a drawing for the trip. You can also make seperate donations of $10 (1 ticket), $25 (3 tickets) or $50 (7 tickets) to increase your chances. Proceeds go to Pints for Prostates, and the drawing for the trip will be held on July 28th.

Tallgrass Wild Plum rolls into town

Maybe blackberries aren't your thing..what about plums? The newest release from Tallgrass, Wild Plum Farmhouse Ale (which is a great beer, in my humble opinion), is starting to show up on tap handles around KC today. Barley's in Shawnee announced that they have it on, and tonight Bier Station will be tapping it and focusing a Randall event around the new release. Try the beer by itself, or as one of two Randalled Versions; a "Brewer's Choice", which features fresh plums and lemon basil, or the "House Selection", which features fresh plums and apple mint. Look for this beer to start popping up on taps all around town, and the packaged version to be hitting retail shortly.

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