Central States and Santa Fe To Brew Collaboration Beer

Local distributor Central States Beverage started American Craft Beer Week off with a bang by announcing a project that is the first of its kind. The Kansas City company will join forces with New Mexico's Santa Fe Brewing Company (who began distributing in KC back in November 2012) to brew the first ever brewer/distributor collaboration beer. Certainly a unique idea in and of itself, it gets better; the resulting, draft only beer will be available exclusively in the Kansas City market. 
To accomplish the task, Central States is assembling a committee (supergroup? task force?) of locals to come along for the brewing ride, including 3 Certified Cicerones, 2 Certified Beer Servers, 2-3 local homebrewers and a chef. Two specific names have already been announced as part of this team. The American Restaurant's Josh Eans will be filling the chef spot, while Corey Wood will be snagging one of the coveted local homebrewer spots. For those homebrewers that are interested in vying for one of the remaining spots on the team, keep an eye out for future announcements, as it sounds like there will be some type of contest or competition where those will be awarded.

Details on the what the beer may be have yet to be released, but we will be sure to keep an eye out and post any details as this project progresses.

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