Commence Coffee Ale chaos

Thanks to the social media efforts of Boulevard, Central States and various retailers over the past few days, most of the city is well aware that Boulevard's newest Smokestack offering, Coffee Ale, will start showing up on liquor store shelves and tap handles tomorrow. The product of a collaboration with The Roasterie, I'm making an educated guess that this will cause a similar level of 'soil-your-pants' excitement and retail bottlenecking (pun intended) that Chocolate Ale has caused in the past with its Boulevard-Christopher Elbow local mass hysteria.

While I tried the beer and wasn't in love with it, it may very well tickle some people's fancies, so I thought I'd throw a post up and allow for a place that people can post where they've found it, for how much, whether there are limits, etc. Now, while last year I was able to frequently update and track Chocolate Ale tappings and store deliveries, my new day job is busier and more time consuming so I won't be able to put that level of effort into the release of Coffee Ale. Sorry guys, daddy's gotta make that paper (and not get fired). Of course, this is all assuming that there is a similar fervor, but go ahead and consider this post a 'just in case' spot in case things get crazy out there.

So if you're out and about to grab a bottle tomorrow, post a quick comment here and let people know how your chase went. I'll come back throughout the day and update a more 'official' list as I see fit so everyone can watch and try to grab a bottle of their own.

In the meantime, check out this video that Boulevard made, with some Coffee Ale tasting notes courtesy of Boulevard employees Nathan and Elizabeth:

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