Table Top Randalling at Bier Station

If you follow Bier Station on Twitter or Facebook, last week you may have seen that they were experimenting with a new service for beer drinkers; table top Randalling. The concept: You pick your beer and your additional ingredients, and they use French presses to infuse your beer with the flavors of your selected hops, fruit, etc. right at the bar.

Table top Randalling passed last week's testing phase, so they've decided to make this an official offering to customers. From now on, every Wednesday starting at 4pm, you can head into Bier Station and pick from a selected list of ingredients (yes, you can choose multiple) to infuse into any of the beers they have on draft or any bottle from the coolers. As an example of what flavors you might be able to add to your beer, last week's test ingredients included Citra and Amarillo hops, mango, blackberries, coffee beans, rosemary and sage. Beer Manager Brad Isch said that the ingredients list will likely change from week to week, but will always include some type of hop and fruit, so you can keep going back in and concocting new creations.

As someone who has dabbled in his own Randalling at home (and posted about it a while back), I think this is a great idea and a unique way to add further variety to an already extensive beer selection. I know other bars have experimented with Randalling in the past, but this sort of on-demand, build-your-own option brings a new interactive element to going out for a couple beers.

Pricing is still being finalized, but right now it's looking like it will cost around $3 (on top of the beer cost, obviously) to play mad scientist and create your own freshly Randalled beer. So starting tomorrow, stop into Bier Station on Wednesday evenings and try your hand at table top Randalling to see what you can come up with!

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