Ivan the Terrible to Conquer KC Taps

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In history books, Ivan IV(aka Ivan the Terrible) was the first Tsar of Russia, and during his long rule in the 1500's, was infamous for his excessive drinking, hearty laughter and intense, uncontrollable emotions. In the modern beer world, Ivan the Terrible is Big Sky Brewing's infamous Russian Imperial Stout, and with an ABV of 10%, excessively drinking it could easily lead to hearty laughter and intense, uncontrollable emotions. And while we don't have to worry about the real Ivan the Terrible wreaking havoc on Kansas City with heavy-handed exile and torture, we CAN look forward to the liquid Ivan the Terrible making its first-ever appearance on KC soon.

If you've never heard of Ivan the Terrible, or your realm of Big Sky knowledge doesn't go much further than Moose Drool, here's what you need to know. Ivan (can I just call it Ivan? Are we on that kind of nickname basis yet?) has been brewed since 2006 and is part of a very limited, specialty group of beers that Big Sky brews (including Big Sky Kriek, Olde Bluehair Barley Wine, among others). And more importantly, it's a delicious beer. Bourbon-barrel aged, this Imperial Stout has fantastic notes of chocolate, coffee, toffee and dark fruit. Don't believe me? Well, if you're a numbers type of person, it's received a 95/100 via BeerAdvocate ratings, is rated 100 (overall) and 95 (style) on RateBeer, and Untappd users have ranked it 4.04 stars out of 5. Don't believe the numbers? Fine, then read this hilarious review of the beer.

The long and short of all of this is that Ivan the Terrible will be on draft in Kansas City in mid-February at just a few select locations. This is the first time that KC has seen the beer on tap, and the only other Midwest market that received any this year is Chicago. So when and where can you find it? I thought you'd never ask.

February 20th
6pm - Barley's Brewhaus Shawnee
7pm - Barley's Brewhaus Overland Park

February 21st
7pm - Flying Saucer (Rare Beer Night)

There will likely be additional details to come, but for now, you can mark these dates on your calendar and plan on getting a glass of this elusive and impressive beer. Cheers, or as Ivan the Terrible would say "DRINK OR I'LL MASSACRE YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!"

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