ManKind Brewing Company raising funds

Yet another brewery/brewpub hopeful has risen in Kansas City, as ManKind Brewing Company launched a Kickstarter campaign today to raise some initial funds. ManKind, a brewpub currently slated to open in the Crossroads Art District during the summer of 2013, is the brainchild of former 75th Street Brewery brewmaster Micah Weichert. Of course, any new brewery or brewpub wants to have that special characteristic that sets them apart, and ManKind is no different. Referred to as a 'green' brewpub, they plan to dedicate themselves to sustainable brewing through the use of solar panels, 'eco-wool' insulation on plumbing and steam pipes, energy-efficient lighting, sustainable building materials, and more.

I tried to reach out to Micah a few weeks ago to get some more detailed information on ManKind. I had heard they would be using Kickstarter for funding, and thought it might be helpful for people to know exactly where they stood in terms of securing a building, getting through the legal red tape, etc. Unfortunately, I never heard back, so I don't have much else to offer other than what's spelled out on their Kickstarter.

This may be blunt, but I think I speak for a lot of people in Kansas City when I say that many out there don't have a positive outlook on Kickstarter-funding a brewery after feeling burnt by the Wilderness Brewing campaign. That fundraising effort ended almost a year and a half ago, and supporters still haven't seen anything develop.. Plus, Wilderness raised $41,000 in around 60 days. ManKind is trying to raise $30,000 in 45 days, and use this money to open a sustainable, green brewpub in 6-8 months? To be fair, ManKind DOES mention on their fundraising page that they know it will take much more than $30,000 to get things going. Maybe I'm disillusioned from never seeing my Wilderness money turn into anything, but it sounds too good to be true.

Okay, /pessimism.

All of that being said, it's obviously an exciting thing to hear that another person is trying to open a new brewery or brewpub in Kansas City. This town has seen a lot of beer hopefuls put the cart before the horse and ultimately sputter out, but I've got to believe something will stick soon. There's still a shred of optimistic thinking that as long as people keep trying, SOMEONE will have success and finally open the new brewery that people in Kansas City are clamoring for. And, I definitely support the idea of a brewery making a concerted effort to reduce environmental impact and explore alternative energy sources.

Much like any potential brewery in town, I want to believe in ManKind. I want to feel confident that they will get the funding they need, and have the motivation, drive and business sense to transform it into the proposed dream. After all, we have a lot of thirsty people here who are getting antsy for more than just Boulevard and McCoy's. But, all the feel good videos and 'neat' ideas don't mean anything unless the logistics and detail work is there. I will be waiting to donate to ManKind until I can get more information on where they actually stand in terms of a building, equipment, paperwork, etc. However, despite my concerns, I implore you to go check out their Kickstarter page and website, and develop your own opinion.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again until I'm blue in the face: Here's hoping we really DO have a new brewery landing in Kansas City.

Also, because I am incapable of hearing the word ManKind without thinking of the wrestler, I'm obligated to include this clip:

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