Free State Eccentricity #3 release

Free State Brewing Co. has announced on Facebook and Twitter that tomorrow, they'll begin selling the first release from their vault of bottled, barrel-aged limited release beers.

They describe Eccentricity #3 as "two big beers (which I found out were a quad and an English strong ale), blended, barrel aged for 10 months, with secondary fermentation in the bottle" and note that you'll find flavors similar to Port and Madeira wine and mild acidity. I've enjoyed many of the bigger beers that Free State has brewed for in-house purposes at the Lawrence brewpub (C4, Invigorator Doppelbock and of course, Old Backus Barley Wine), so I'm excited to see them exploring the world of big, barrel-aged beers in bottles.

If you're interested in grabbing a bottle of Eccentricity #3, it will go on sale tomorrow, 12/12 at 12:12pm at the Lawrence, KS brewpub. 750 ml bottles will be available for $14.50 plus tax. I've seen it mentioned online that there are only 200 bottles available, but I am waiting on official confirmation of that. I received official word from the head brewer at Free State that only 72 bottles will be available for sale, likely with a two bottle/person purchase limit.

Anyone planning on heading to Free State to grab a bottle? (and on that note, anyone want to grab me one?)

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