Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Bar Buzz


  1. Too many good things going on Thursday Nov. 15:

    4:00pm:HeBrew Jewbelation Sweet 16 Tapping
    5:00pm:Sante Fe Brewing party
    5:30pm:Gordon Biersch Winterbock Tapping Party
    6:30pm:Schlafly Beer Dinner
    7:00pm:TAP NITE 1 RARE BEER

    I wonder if anyone tried to do them all? I could only make one, near where I work: the Winterbock tapping, which was a good time, but kudos to anyone who made more than one... Cheers!

  2. FYI ... tonight 11.30.12 @ Barley's Shawnee ... Santa Stout infused with cherries Firkin tapping @ 4:30 via Empyrean Ales