Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boulevard 2013 Smokestack releases

Photo courtesy of The Pitch
Yesterday, Boulevard posted some new information regarding their remaining 2012 and future 2013 Smokestack releases. You can read the full press release/article over here, but in case you are looking for a quick summary, here are some of the highlights:

- Another round of Rye-on-Rye will hit store shelves in December 2012

- Two new Smokestack releases will come out in the first few months of 2013. One is a Black Rye IPA, which many of us have tried as a test brew, and the second they describe as a "distinctive coffee ale." I thought the mention of a coffee ale was especially interesting. I thought there was a long lost interview from the past where in which John McDonald expressed a specific lack of interest in making a coffee beer, but I could be imagining things. Either way, I'm curious to see if this is a collaboration with a local company (Broadway? Roasterie?), and exactly what kind of beer it is, since it's not specified as a stout or porter, just an 'ale.'

- Saison-Brett, Reverb and Harvest Dance will all return

- After being missing in 2012, Bourbon Barrel Quad makes its way back into the lineup, though rumor has it that the beer won't see shelves until fall.

- Imperial Stout will also be making a return after being absent in 2012

- Sorry Team Two Jokers, but our favorite sour mash witbier is not mentioned at all in the lineup that Boulevard posted. Does this mean it absolutely won't be released? No, of course not, but it was a little disheartening that it wasn't listed.

- It's mentioned that they have more collaboration beers in the works for 2013. They don't specify exactly what or who they are with, but I've heard through the grapevine recently that a version of the SAVOR Terra Incognita may be in the works. Also, as I recall, the Surly Brewing folks were in Kansas City visiting earlier this year, and made a stop at Boulevard. This could mean absolutely nothing, but it's fun to think about, right?

- No mention of any new version of Love Child, which I think we all were probably crossing our fingers for (though maybe at a slightly lower price point?)

What do you think about the 2013 Smokestack news from Boulevard? Anything you are especially excited or disappointed about?


  1. I haven't had the Black Rye IPA yet, but I've heard positive things. Whether it's fair or not, a lot of beer geeks will be comparing it to Wookey Jack. It better hold up against Wookey, or people will be calling it a Black Rye I.P.Meh. Amirite?

    I'm excited to see what they do with coffee, but "distinctive coffee ale" worries me a little bit. Maybe they haven't decided on the exact style yet, but I hope it's not similar to Chocolate Ale in that they throw coffee beans in a "lighter" beer.

    Disappointed that Two Jokers wasn't mentioned. I'm still holding out hope for #TwoJokers2013, though.

  2. I'm all for exploring the idea of coffee in beer styles besides stouts and porters, but I agree, I hope it's planned out a little bit and not just an afterthought. I tried the Urban Chestnut coffee weiss, and while it wasn't my favorite, I thought it was interesting and a creative new take on a coffee beer.

  3. i'm sure this doesn't actually mean anything but i had a conversation with a sierra nevada representative on the east coast that strongly implied boulevard would be producing and distributing bottles of terra incognita for their home market in 2013

  4. Not really a big fan of coffee beers (except for KBS). I would definitely like to try the Terra Incognita.

  5. I heard that the coffee beer is with Roasterie coffee and is a lighter beer, like chocolate ale.

  6. Hate coffee beer. I drink coffee when I want coffee. I drink beer when I want beer. Not together.

  7. I attended a tasting and Q&A led by Pauwels at Gomers Midtown not too long ago and the following related items were brought up:

    1. Pauwels was directly asked about the Roasterie and he smiled and said he couldn't talk more about that.

    2. If memory serves, he did say that Terra Incognita was going to be released in the KC market.

  8. Coffee beer is pretty uninteresting. Surly Coffee Bender is about the only decent one, and it's the weakest of their lineup (though their lineup is hugely overrated).

    Boulevard makes some solid Belgians. I wish they would explore that a bit more. Tank 7 is too dry and phenolic. But the tripel is nice, the quad nice. Saison Brett was way too dry and funky for me. It was like drinking smoked barnyard leather gravy.

    Looking forward to rye on rye.

    Would like to see a lambic / Jolly Pumpkin style spontaneous brew or a 100% brett beer in the one off series. That would be fantastic.

  9. Get excited for Grainstorm its awesome.

  10. Rye on rye is a disapointment. This one been going down hill since 2011. This years smells wonderful. It tastes like whiskey, the finish is exactly like whiskey and there are little to no malt flavors. This used to be a bold beer, now if you like cheap whiskey in a beer bottle, you might like it.