Chimay Speciale Cent Cinquante in Kansas

These days, it's rare for Kansas to see a special offering from a brewery that Missouri doesn't (Hoppin' Frog products are the only thing that comes to mind immediately). However, for once Kansas isn't receiving the short end of the beer stick, thanks to the latest release from Chimay, Speciale Cent Cinquante.

Some of you are probably sitting there thinking "Well what's the big deal?" "Why should I care about this?" "Is it just another Chimay product?" Well if you shut up for a moment, I'll tell you. There are a couple reasons why this new release from Chimay is significant and something worth noting:

1) Believe it or not, this is Chimay's first new product release in 46 years. I was surprised when I first read this, but as I thought about it more, I guess I've never really seen anything besides the standard Premiere (red), Triple/Cinq Cents (yellow or white), and Grande Reserve (blue) offerings.

2) This new Chimay beer is only being distributed in 7 states and Puerto Rico. How Kansas was selected as one of the lucky winners to receive this beer is beyond me, but they join the likes of California, New York, Virginia and others as a recipient.

Speciale Cent Cinquante, which celebrates the breweries 150th birthday, is a Belgian golden ale clocking in at 10% ABV. So far, reviews of the beer on RateBeer are very positive.

I've been told that this beer will likely start showing up in Kansas liquor stores tomorrow, so keep an eye out online or at your favorite store to see if it has hit the shelf. This is a limited release, obviously, but my understanding is that there will be enough that you shouldn't need to knock over any elderly while trying to race to the store on your lunch break (unless you just want to because it's fun).

Thanks Chimay, for making Kansas special in a way that doesn't involve radical religious groups, debates over sexting statues, or still being the only state worried about Obama's birth certificate!

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