Barley's Brewhaus Anniversary Week

Barley's Brewhaus in Overland Park is celebrating their 17th anniversary this week, and after a pretty disappointing set of events for 75th Street Brewery's recent anniversary, I was glad to see that KC Hopps did a better job with planning the Barley's events. While some of the things listed are standard weekly specials (see the full schedule flyer at the bottom of this post), there are a few other interesting things that may be worth checking out if you find yourself venturing over to the Kansas side of town this week. Below are the unique events/highlights:

Monday - Schlafly Beer School - 6 pm

The $8 Beer School event will feature the following Schlafly beers:

Reserve Imperial Stout
Biere de Garde
Reserve Barleywine
Pumpkin Ale
Mystery Beer

Tuesday - Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Floral IPA tapping - 5pm

Wednesday - Summit Saga firkin tapping - 5 pm

Thursday - Local Brewer's Night - 6 pm

Barley's says this event will feature 'special brews' from Boulevard, Mothers, Free State, Tallgrass, and 75th Street Brewery. I've requested a list of beers to see just how special the available brews will be, so stay tuned.

Update: I was told the full list of beers is not available, but was informed there will be two firkins; Tallgrass West Coast Ale and Free State Josiah Miller IPA.

Friday - New Belgium Lips of Faith night - 4pm

Lips of Faith night will feature the following beers being tapped:

Brett Beer
Peach Porch Lounger
Super IPA
Tart Lychee

A firkin of Ranger will also be tapped.

Monday, 10/8 - Oktoberfest Beer Dinner

Featuring various dishes paired with Hirter Privat Pils, Aventinus Weizen Bock, Spaten Marzen and Paulner Weizen. Tickets are $45 or $40 for Mug Club members.

Certainly on paper, the most intriguing of these events is the Schlafly Beer School and Lips of Faith night. Beer School has a pretty impressive lineup, and Lips of Faith night gives everybody a chance to try a number of limited beers that they may have missed when they first hit KC. I will say, though, besides these two events, I think the Summit Saga firkin might be an underdog here. I've had Saga a couple times now from the bottle and have been very impressed. Certainly the best Summit beer I've had and overall just a great IPA. I'd be curious to see what this is like from a firkin.

Once I get information on the time of the Tuesday and Friday tappings and the beer list for Thursday, I will update this post accordingly. In the meantime, plot your treacherous journey to the mean streets of Johnson County to celebrate Barley's finally being able to watch R rated movies without an adult or guardian.

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