4 Hands coming to Kansas City

A keg of Cuvee Ange during Flying Saucer Sour Beer Week. Cryptic tweets from Major Brands. The writing has been on the wall, the clues have been laid and finally there's confirmation of what many of us suspected; 4 Hands Brewing Company will soon be available in Kansas City.

4 Hands is one of many breweries that have popped up in St. Louis over the past 2 or 3 years. On a recent trip to the STL, I was able to stop in, sample their beers, talk to the owner and get a glimpse at their operation. This is definitely a group of hard-working, dedicated guys who are doing some very interesting things with beer. For example, while we were there, they told us about Smoked Pigasus, a smoked rye porter made with malt that was smoked at a local barbecue restaurant, then aged in a bourbon barrel that had held maple syrup. Needless to say, I immediately needed a mop to wipe up the small lake of my drool off the floor. They showed some of their other future plans, and without giving too much away, it's safe to say 4 Hands will be offering up a variety of creative, unique beers as time goes on.

At first, their Kansas City launch will just be draft, but packaged retail products will be coming eventually as well (the word on the street is after a month or so). To celebrate their introduction into the Kansas City market, they have a number of events planned for next week as a kickoff. Here's what you can look forward to (exact times to be added):

Wednesday, October 24th

All Star Pizza - 2 tap kickoff including Divided Sky Rye IPA and Prunus (a delicious cherry saison).

Flying Saucer - 6 tap kickoff including core beers Centennial Red, Divided Sky Rye IPA, Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown and Single Speed Session, plus two seasonal beers.

Riot Room - 4 tap kickoff including Centennial Red, Divided Sky Rye IPA, Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown and Prunus.

Thursday, October 25th

Martin City Brewing Company - 4 tap kickoff including Centennial Red, Divided Sky Rye IPA, Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown and Prunus.

4 Hands will also be making their way into The Foundry, but those plans are still being determined. In addition, you can plan on seeing them at the BeerKC Strong Ale Festival, pouring Cuvee Ange, which you have to try if you didn't get to taste it during Sour Beer Week.

Basically, no matter what part of town you live in, you should be able to find somewhere relatively close that will be pouring 4 Hands beer. At the very least, stop somewhere for 10 minutes and grab a Divided Sky; you won't be disappointed, I promise*.

While you plan your drinking schedule for next week, make to also Like 4 Hands on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

*This guarantee, in no way, accepts responsibility if any level of disappointment is experienced.

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