Mother Firkin Friday/Tipsy For Tatas

You may have noticed a recent pattern at Lew's Grill and Bar in Waldo; firkins of Mother's Brewing Company beer being tapped there on the first Friday of the month. Well now this pattern is no longer just a coincidence; Mother Firkin Friday is officially a 'thing' (no pun intended). From this point on, anticipate a Mother's firkin every first Friday at Lew's. And I HIGHLY recommend checking these firkins out. The most recent one tapped was Mother's Thing 2 Belgian IPA with lime leaves and Citra hops. Fantastic. Not only was it fantastic, but pints were only $3. That is a ridiculously good deal on some beer that you won't find anywhere else.

And, as if cheap firkin beer wasn't enough of a draw, next Friday's firkin (which will be a Plum Lavender Saison), will see proceeds go toward a great cause. The event, lovingly titled 'Tipsy For Tatas', is hosted by local organization Operation Feel Your Boobies, a group that holds various events in support of the fight against breast cancer. In addition, this November, they'll be taking part in a 3 day, 60-mile walk that raises funds for Susan G. Komen and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund.

Next Friday, proceeds from beer sales will go to those same two funds. Tipsy For Tatas t-shirts (say that 3 times fast after a few firkin beers) will also be available, and naturally, money from those will go to charity as well. Pictures of the t-shirt design are below.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so kick it off right by heading to Lew's on 10/5 for Mother Firkin Friday. Let's face it; drinking beer and saving boobies are two causes we can all stand strongly behind. Things will kick off at 6:30 and end when the firkin is empty, so pencil it in on your beer drinking calendar.

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