Flying Saucer Sour Beer Week Schedule

I know, I know, we missed Jolly Pumpkin Night yesterday and we're a day late getting this information up for you, but trust me when I say that there is still plenty of amazing/rare sour beer to be consumed at the Flying Saucer this week. PLUS, word has it that all the Jolly Pumpkin taps are still up and running as of this moment (but will likely blow today, so go get some now if you missed out). I won't blather on forever about what sour beer does to me in the pants, I'll just get straight to the goods:

Tuesday - Berliner Weisse Night

Grand Teton Snarling Badger (Draught)
New Belgium Imperial Berliner Weisse (Draught)

Wednesday - Oud Bruin/Flemish Red Night

Bacchus (Draught)
Ichtegem's Grand Cru Flemish Red (Draught)
Loverbeer Madamin (Draught & Bottle)
Loverbeer BeerBera (Bottle)
Loverbeer BeerBrugna (Bottle)
Loverbeer D'UvaBeer (Bottle)
Mestreechs Aajt Flemish Red (Draught)

Thursday - Brett Night

Evil Twin Ron & the Beast Ryan (Draught)
Evil Twin Femme Fatale (Draught & Bottle)
Odell Saboteur (Draught)
Stillwater Premium (Draught)

Friday - Best of the Rest

4 Hands CuveƩ Ange (Draught)
Cantillon Fou Foune Apricot (Bottle)*
Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze (Bottle)*
Drie Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek (Bottle)
New Belgium Clutch (Draught)
New Holland Blue Sunday Sour (Bottle)
Odell Friek (Bottle)*
Petrus Aged Pale (Draught)
Tilquin Gueuze (Draught & Bottle)

Note:  Due to the extremely limited quantity of Cantillon Fou Foune Apricot, Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze, and Odell Friek, we will be doing 4oz pours of each beer.  You only get one of the 3 to ensure that as many people as possible can experience these great beers.  We will sell tickets for those pours starting at 6:30pm on Friday.

Also, note that with the rarity of the beers included in this schedule, the lists are all subject to change.

Notes and fine print aside, everyone should get down to Flying Saucer sometime this week and take advantage of these opportunities to enjoy some face-puckering goodness. In addition to some of the rare European sours, I'm excited to get a glass of Cuvee Ange from 4 Hands out of St. Louis, who I've heard excellent things about but haven't had the opportunity to try. Hope to see you there!

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