Knock Knock! Who's There? Beer!

It all started with a tweet:

A beer delivery service? Oh sweet baby Jesus. It's like all those lazy, late night wishes I've had in the past (and most likely tweeted about) were finally granted. And I know I'm certainly not the only one whose ever lusted about beer appearing in the fridge without having to put on pants and leave the house.

I had heard about Cowtown Couriers via their recent appearances in the news, and started following them on Twitter a while ago. But I never made the connection that they could be delivering beer to people's doorsteps.  A car in the shop, drunkenness, house arrest, or just an extreme sedentary lifestyle, whatever your reason for being stuck at home and unable to leave, it doesn't matter; the liquor store can now make its way to you. Of course, there are a few caveats.

One, Cowtown Couriers make their deliveries via bicycle. So, don't expect to have any kegs delivered. But, they told me that in the past, they've delivered as much as a 30 pack and a couple liquor bottles all at once, so you can still have a significant amount of beer delivered if needed. However, the delivery by bike concept pays off in that their delivery charges are cheaper (starting at $5) since they aren't using fuel.

Second, their standard delivery area is limited. Basically, it spans State Line to Troost, as far south as 75th Street and up north to the river. So, although it's limited, you're still looking at downtown, Westport, Waldo, Plaza, Brookside, etc. areas all being covered. Of course, that leaves out anything in Johnson County, but we're already used to that kind of rejection thanks to Google Fiber. Click here to view their delivery map. Note that they DO say on the website that they'll deliver outside this range, but it will cost extra.

They'll deliver late at night (until 1 am), and in any weather. And not only will they deliver beer to your house, but if you're out at the bar, they'll deliver food to you there. Yep, if you're enjoying a beer somewhere that doesn't have the greatest menu, you can have Cowtown Couriers bring you something else. Just last night, I saw that they brought food from Westport Street Fare to a customer at The Point.

Check out Cowtown Couriers on their website, Twitter and Facebook pages, or if you are ready to have something delivered, give them a call at 816-787-0018. Note that they WILL check ID's upon delivery, so if any scheming high school students are reading this right now, don't even try to get that dirty thirty of Busch and 12 pack of BL Nums delivered to your house party.

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