Hats Off To Homebrewers

After what seemed like an intense flurry of beer events and festivals in the Kansas City area, things got a bit quiet..until now. Deschutes Brewery and Boulevard Brewing Company are working together to bring a unique event to Kansas City that will be of special interest to those of you out there that brew beer at home.

On Tuesday, July 31st from 6-9 pm, Deschutes presents 'Hats Off To Homebrewers Night.'

As described on the event's registration page:

Please join members of the Boulevard and Deschutes brewing teams as we join together this time to tip our hats to you, the people that share our passion for all things craft beer. 

You are invited to the deluxe Amigoni Urban Winery (1505 Genessee Street, Kansas City, MO 64102) for a night of tasty brews expertly paired with hometown favorite eats Oklahoma Joe’s, Swagger, Green Dirt Farm, and Farm To Market.  The evening features a couple o’ real rock star brewers from both breweries to talk everything from attenuation to zymurgy.  Local homebrewer Pancho Luna will lead a spirited “Stump The Brewer” Q & A session as well.  Samples served into your own commemorative snifter seal the deal.

This sounds like it will be a very cool evening with some great food and great beer to match...plus, learning is fun too, right? Though geared towards homebrewers, I don't doubt that the brewer talks will be valuable for anyone who has an interest in beer, especially the science and process behind making it.

Tickets are $25 and they note that the event WILL sell out, so don't waste any time signing up if you're interested in attending.

In case you missed the link above, access the registration page here.

The Hats Off To Homebrewers Night is part of Deschutes Base Camp week in Kansas City (July 30th-August 4th), which is essentially where the brewery 'takes over' a town and holds a number of activities such as tastings, dinners, etc. This is the first official event with full details announced, but as more get established, we will be sure to post them here.

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