Empyrean Brewing Comes To Kansas City

"Since the dawn of time, all civilizations had two things in common. They gazed skyward and marveled at the secrets of the cosmos, and they made beer. Myths and legends were born as mortals sipped their brew and watched comets blaze across the evening sky and stars dance throughout the heavens. The ancients believed paradise existed at the highest point in the universe, a fiery sphere they called the Empyrean."

Kansas City has seen a wave of new breweries enter the market in recent years.  Deschutes, Stone, Firestone Walker, Mother's Brewing and others brought with them a wave of excitement.  Well, now another brewery has come to our fair city: Empyrean Brewing.  Honestly, I had never heard of Empyrean before a month ago.  But anyone who has spent time in Nebraska (or has an amazing memory) knows exactly who these guys are.  The oldest and largest brewery in Nebraska, Empyrean has been brewing for over 20 years.  They were the state's first brewery to sell beer statewide, a feat they accomplished way back in 2005.  And you thought Kansas City's craft scene took a while to develop.

Empyrean is offering four year-round beers: Chaco Canyon Gold, Luna Sea ESB, Watchman IPA, Dark Side Vanilla Porter as well as their current seasonal, Super Nova Summer Fest. All are available in 6pks, no draft beer has made it here yet.  To learn more about the brewery's products, click here.

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