Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Years of KC Beer Blog

2007 seems so long ago, the Royals were playing below .500 baseball, the country was fighting 2 wars, we had a President who advocated torture, you could smoke in bars, Pat was presumably in high school and Brad might have been in Colorado (my knowledge of their histories is limited) and most importantly, for this post, Wes Port, myself, Weston and Chambord were tooling around in Kansas City.

Now, the Royals are playing below .500 baseball, the country is kinda fighting 2 wars, we have a President who advocates killing anyone he deems the enemy with absolutely no oversight, you can't smoke in bars, Pat and Brad have the reins of the KC Beer Blog while Wes Port is living in Los Angeles via Seattle, Weston and Chambord are brand new parents somewhere in China and I live in Virginia Beach.

Wes Port started this thing 5 years ago today, presumably in a fit of boredom, solely as a way for him to track which bars he'd gone to and their happy hour specials. A week or so after, he asked me to write my brand of nonsense on the blog, we came up with these bitchin' pseudonyms and started documenting our drinking. You can go back and read the archives if you want, there's no reason to unless you want to read about happy hour specials of places long forgotten and 2 guys gushing over Stella Artois, a beer I liked so much I tagged my wife with the pseudonym, Stella.

This blog has had numerous contributors over the years; Wes Port, myself, Weston, Chimpotle, Paul A. Ner, JJSKCK, Pat and Brad. Not only that, but we also have numerous friends of the blog who've offered help, guidance, friendship, lunches, beers, etc. I hesitate to call out names for fear of leaving someone out, especially those that have helped Pat and Brad but, I'm going to give it a shot because they're pretty important...ok, I tried but the list got long and boring for the reader who, ultimately, is the most responsible for the KC Beer Blog still being around. If it weren't for the readers this blog would have been abandoned like so many of the other blogs that have started since Wes typed the first words here. Instead I roped Pat and Brad into continuing spewing beer news and life into this thing.

When we started, we didn't know that much, but we did know we loved beer. And I like to think that Kansas City has grown into a beer loving town as we have grown. There was no Blanc, no Swagger, no Martin City Brewing Company, no Flying Saucer, no Riot Room, no All Star Pizza, no beer centric place that has sprung since I left and don't know anything about (see what I did there, I covered my bases). All Kansas City really had was 75th Street Brewery, Westport Brewing Company McCoy's and Old Chicago. We've come a long way.

I'll finish this blogsturbation with a little story. We were in town for a night last week and made our way to Blanc for some burgers and beers. A young lady sat down at the table next to ours and ordered a Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin'. It made me happy all over.



  1. All we really had was 3 places? You have to be kidding. And I'm sorry but Westport Brewing Company has been gone for longer than 5 years.

    Barley's Brewhaus?
    Yard House?
    Waldo Pizza?
    Pony Express/Flying Monkey?
    The Power Plant?
    High Noon Saloon?
    BOULEVARD?? Yes even the Smokestacks were around back then, just not as many of them.

    You have to go back further than 5 years to find a truly desolate time in KC craft beer history.

    I mean, the beer scene had to be good enough to start a blog about, right?

  2. Hey anonymous, sure didn't miss your commentary the past 8 months. Do a little research on the concepts of literal and figurative.

    I did mess up and meant McCoys and not Westport Brewing. I'm surprised I've never done that on the blog because I routinely call it Westport Brewing when I refer to it.

  3. I've got to side with Anonymous on this little chapter of revisionist history. The beer scene is great now, but it's been good for a long time before your blog, or anybody's blog. Grinders, Waldo Pizza, Hooper's, The Power Plant, the homebrew scene, and even the Thai Place had a great selection. No research on literal and figurative is going to fix the fact that your memory of a dismal beer scene is probably best explained by the first sentence of the offending paragraph.

    That said, I'm glad you've come a long way, and good work for helping others learn as you were learning.

  4. I love how one post from Bull, brings out the commenters to remind us how freakin' serious the KC beer and blog scene is. Good reminder, 'cause I was starting to get a little too relaxed appreciating humor, beer and life.

    Cheers to the old and new guard of the KC Beer Blog. Dare I say, it always was, and still remains, "enjoyable" to read...

  5. The funny thing is, Jackalope, I alluded to this issue twice in the post, where I was going to name friends of the blog and where I named current places. I didn't cover my bases on the list of the old and the anonymous jackal descended. It's my fault for 1. Participating and 2. For being rusty and 3. For not wanting to bust out 2000 words on the history of KC beer on a post with a simple acknowledgement on the passage of time. My fault beer geeks, you can find me at the beach.