Calling All Home Brewers

Are you a home brewer looking to add another award to your shelf? You're in luck, because Hop Fest is still looking for entries for the festival's first ever Home Brewer of the Year competition. The entry deadline was originally going to be today, but they've decided to push it back until Monday, May 14th.

Styles to be judged include:

- American Wheat or Rye Beer
- American Stout
- American Amber Ale
- American IPA

The beers will be judged based on BJCP Style Guidelines by a number of local beer industry folks. Awards will be given for the best beer in each style category, as well as an award for the best overall beer in the competition.

Registration is free if you have a Hop Fest ticket, or if you are unable to attend the festival, a $30 entry fee is required.

Full details can be found on the registration form, which can be downloaded here.

Though it's obviously a tight deadline for entry at this point, if any of you home brewers have some of your beer stocked up and ready to go, this is a great opportunity to get your product out there and have the chance to build your home brew trophy case. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or you can contact George Clarke at 816-444-8080.

Good luck to all who enter!

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