Friday, May 11, 2012

Calling All Home Brewers

Are you a home brewer looking to add another award to your shelf? You're in luck, because Hop Fest is still looking for entries for the festival's first ever Home Brewer of the Year competition. The entry deadline was originally going to be today, but they've decided to push it back until Monday, May 14th.

Styles to be judged include:

- American Wheat or Rye Beer
- American Stout
- American Amber Ale
- American IPA

The beers will be judged based on BJCP Style Guidelines by a number of local beer industry folks. Awards will be given for the best beer in each style category, as well as an award for the best overall beer in the competition.

Registration is free if you have a Hop Fest ticket, or if you are unable to attend the festival, a $30 entry fee is required.

Full details can be found on the registration form, which can be downloaded here.

Though it's obviously a tight deadline for entry at this point, if any of you home brewers have some of your beer stocked up and ready to go, this is a great opportunity to get your product out there and have the chance to build your home brew trophy case. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or you can contact George Clarke at 816-444-8080.

Good luck to all who enter!


  1. granted I'm not super tied in to every little aspect of the beer or homebrew scene here in KC (I just moved back a couple years ago), but it seems to me that when these beer festivals announce this kind of stuff it's with a completely unreasonable deadline. Someone needs to tell them if they want a real competition we need a couple months notice.

  2. Completely agree with Yurko. I'm pretty tapped into the goings on around KC, and this is the first I've heard of this. Luckily, I have a Stout that's ready to go, so I may enter it for the hell of it.

  3. I think one thing that may help in the future, and I'll probably suggest this to the organizers, is a dedicated website or Facebook page for Hop Fest. Right now, information is scattered among the Central States Facebook page, The Well's website, and Lew's website. I imagine it would be way easier to get messages across and announce things like this if everything was consolidated into one obvious place.

  4. I know Jon at CSB was frustrated that this was announced so late, not that it mattered since apparently no one heard about it.

    We actually have a Rye IPA that we're happy with. However, if they're using BJCP guidelines it's way too strong for the Wheat/Rye category, and American IPA is supposed to be free of any prominent rye flavors. Oh well.

  5. I've got the same problem as JJSKCK. My coffee porter will be ready just in time, but since it doesn't fit any of the categories being judged a devastating loss is sure to result. Maybe next year I'll join the fun.

  6. What's the entry fee for the homebrew competition?

  7. $30 entry fee? Count me out. Not to mention I can't brew, ferment, bottle, and carb a beer by next Saturday. And I don't have much in these style guidelines to submit right now. Why not categories 14c and 19c if this is Hopfest?

  8. $30 for the homebrew competition as well. Get the hell outta here. Almost every one I've entered has been $5 to $7 per entry. Good luck with those submissions!

  9. OK, so they were slow to inform the public. That definitely needs to be corrected next year. But if there was a low entry fee, then they would probably be overwhelmed for the number of entries which they are expecting to judge. My view is that they seem to be encouraging local attendees to enter homebrew in to the competition and not to become a regional competition. So on the flip side, if you attend the fest it's free. I guess everyones' beer snifters are half empty.

  10. Yeah, the impression I got was that the idea was to have people enter who would likely be attending the festival anyway. It seems kind of silly to enter a competition if you won't be present to receive the award anyway.

  11. I thought most brewers entered competitions to get comments on their beers from trained, accredited judges, rather than win awards.

    Is this true for you other brewers?

  12. I thought home brewers entered competitions to complain about professionally brewed beers and feel superior to other beer drinkers.

    1. As opposed to your "elite" Gents club that bashed beers and blew Danner to feel superior?

  13. Those who can, brew...those who can't, make snarky remarks. I'm more interested in feedback, but I can get feedback for much less than $30 from professional judges.

  14. Yeah, that too. Just like some like to complain about New Belgium and feel superior to homebrewers.

  15. They don't call them drunken rants for no nothing...homebrew competitions can be for fun, I think, right?

    Hopfest really dropped the ball if they intend to crown the home brewer of the year at this event. If your going to make that kind of statement, I would think that it would be clear how to enter and that it would be limited to only 4 categories at least 3 months ahead of time if not more.

    As far as the comment regarding getting too many entries, isn't that the goal? Also, the $30 entry fee/ticket price is a great filter for limiting entries.

  16. Nice job on contradicting yourself.

    "As far as the comment regarding getting too many entries, isn't that the goal? Also, the $30 entry fee/ticket price is a great filter for limiting entries."