Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boulevard Starting Lineup

By now, unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the news about the Boulevard/Kansas City Royals sponsorship deal that will bring a significant amount of increased exposure to Boulevard Brewing at Kauffman Stadium. As reported earlier this week, the agreement includes a large Boulevard sign on the Hall of Fame building, two Boulevard Grills in left and center field, and a Boulevard pub behind home plate.

But there's been a common question making the rounds since the deal was announced: What beers are we going to see at the grills and pub? Well here's your answer.

Right now, the plan is for the Boulevard Grills to carry Unfiltered Wheat, Pale Ale and Boulevard Pilsner on tap.

The Boulevard Pub will have Unfiltered Wheat, Pale Ale and Pilsner, plus Single-Wide I.P.A., Amber Ale and the current Boulevard seasonal.

And of course, in addition to these lineups, we will be seeing the Boulevard Wheat backpack kegs making their rounds and delivering something besides plastic Vortex bottles to fans in their seats.

While it would have been cool to see some Smokestack beers getting some action at The K, it's still great to see an expanded Boulevard selection at the stadium and more craft beer representation during Royals games.

To all those heading out to Kauffman tomorrow for the home opener, have fun, stay safe, and most importantly, drink some great beer!


  1. Wasn't that a Stroud's or something before?

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you are right, I remember Stroud's being connected to the Hall of Fame.

  3. I'd imagine they don't want amateurs pounding the high ABV Smokestack beers like they're Bud Lights and passing out in the 3rd. Yeah, that used to be Stroud's.

  4. It would be great to see the Brett out there when it's released. Even if you have to drink out of a plastic cup.

  5. I must be living under a rock. Or just not in KC. :-)

    I wish Schafly could work out a deal like that at Busch Stadium (although I guess that would be weird given the name). There is basically one concession stand in the entire stadium where you can get good, local beers. I'd love to be able to buy one of those from my seat.