B4TW - Green Flash Palate Wrecker

I thought about making the beer for the weekend a tailgating beer or a Boulevard beer that's now available at The K, but since I've played the baseball theme up a lot lately (and also since the Royals just got whomped for 7 runs in the 1st inning), I decided to take a different route.

So, I'm hereby naming newly arrived Green Flash Palate Wrecker the beer for the weekend. I've been anticipating this beer for a while and look forward to cracking one or four open this weekend. If the name wasn't already an indication, this IPA comes with an ABV of 9.5% and IBUs listed at 100+, so it definitely isn't messing around. Plus, it's already received a .905 on the Barry Bailey Double Jack Scale, which should be a strong indication of the beer's quality. I'll be interested to see how this compares to other double/imperial IPAs that set out to destroy your mouth (side-by-side with Ruination or 1000 IBU, anyone?).

Available on both the Kansas and Missouri sides, and in both bomber ($8 in MO) and 4-pack packages (around $11.50 in MO), there's no reason not to swing by the liquor store and grab some Palate Wrecker. If it's any indication right now, the Royals will be leaving a bitter taste in our mouths anyway, so why not continue the trend?

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