Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekly Bar Buzz

Another short list this week. Rye on Rye is spreading all over town and it sounds like some places are either confused about the price or don't care about making much money off it. Either way, I've heard that some bars are charging just $4 a pint and that is a freaking steal. Rye on Rye wasn't the only limited release to hit shelves last week, Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum, Founders' Kentucky Breakfast Stout and a VERY small quantity of Goose Island Bramble Rye snuck in as well. I'm sure KBS and Bramble were gone before they even hit the shelf, but I've noticed some Hoptimum still sitting around. Sorry we didn't give you any advance notice on those, they surprised us too.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 3/21
The Flying Saucer - 7pm - Buy the Beer, Collect the Glass: Hofbrau Ceramic Mug

Wednesday 3/28
The Flying Saucer - 7pm - Buy the Beer, Collect the Glass: Hirter Morchl

Thursday 3/29
The Flying Saucer - 7pm - Rare Beer Night: Crispin Marvin Barrel Aged Cider

Thursday 4/5
Martin City Brewing Company - 6pm -Tallgrass Caribbean Revolution Buffalo Sweat: Milk Stout with Cocoa and Coconut


  1. Hoptimum is freaking fantastic. Better than Hopslam IMO. Pick some up if you can find it.

  2. Where are this place with the cheap pints?

  3. Which state got Bramble Rye? I'd bet on Kansas, but I heard nothing about it. Whoever distributes GI in Missouri has their head up their ass.

    That Hoptimum is tasty. Had a couple of those and a KBS on Friday. I was feeling pretty good!

  4. How does everyone know when all the limited releases are hitting the shelves? I always seem to be a day or so late. I always have an idea, but never an exact day.

  5. Anon - the Peanut on 80th & Santa Fe in downtown Overland Park had pints of Rye-on-Rye for $4.25 on Friday.

  6. Hoptimum is good, but Hopslam seems to be more balanced to me.

  7. Hoptimum is DANK. I liked it, but it got too potty after a while. Gomer's Northland still has multiple cases on the floor.

    And I stumbled upon the Rye on Rye deal about 45 minutes into the OP Peanut's existence (last Thursday). I was looking for a place to watch a little basketball and noticed the tap. Asked the price, and it was indeed $4.25. They didn't have their Blvd tulips delivered yet, so they were just doing pints. I went back to work and returned for a pint. One was all I needed.

    Pat just tweeted that they're doing tulips now, but at $4.25 it's still a steal.

  8. Ugly Joe's at 103rd has rye on rye on tap today. Glad to have tried it.