Weekly Bar Buzz

Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat fans have the opportunity to try two different firkins of Kansas' native Milk Stout next week. Though they have released several that peaked my interest, I have never had the pleasure of enjoying a Tallgrass Firkin.  Anyone care to share their experiences?

Two Jokers makes a quiet return in April.  No, the brand has not been resurrected, but it looks like Boulevard is pulling a few bottles of tart deliciousness from its stash for a beer dinner at story in Prairie Village.  So if your jonesing for a Two Jokers fix, now's your chance.  

Finally, I know Waldo Pizza tapped more Hoptimium on Saturday, has anyone else heard about Hoptimum on tap around town?

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 3/28
The Flying Saucer - 7pm - Buy the Beer, Collect the Glass: Hirter Morchl

Thursday 3/29
The Flying Saucer - 7pm - Rare Beer Night: Crispin Marvin Barrel Aged Cider

Tuesday 4/3
All Star Pizza - 6pm -Tallgrass Buffalo Runner Firkin: Milk Stout with Cinnamon and Cocoa Nibs

Thursday 4/5
Martin City Brewing Company - 6pm -Tallgrass Caribbean Revolution Buffalo Sweat Firkin: Milk Stout with Cocoa Nibs and Coconut

Wednesday 4/11
story - 6:30pm - Boulevard Beer Dinner: 5 course beer dinner featuring some delicious sounding food, a rare opportunity to drink Two Jokers, and the excellent company of Mr. Steven Pauwels. Tickets are $60 per person, click here to learn more.

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