Friday, March 23, 2012

Gordon Biersch IPB headed to KC

The Kansas City Business Journal announced yesterday that Gordon Biersch has picked Kansas City as one of 17 markets that will receive their new limited edition beer, Imperial Pilsner Brau. The 'Braumeister Selekt' beer will be a 750 ml bottle that is sold in retail stores for $8.99.

According to Gordon Biersch's co-founder Dan Gordon, “This is a beer unlike any other made before. We designed IPB to pique the curiousity of the IPA drinker, and we hope to capture their palate preference with the unique, authentic flavor that is completely its own.”

I'll admit, while I've enjoyed most imperial/double pilsners that I've tried (Odell, Rogue Morimoto, Schlafly #20 Vol. 1 all come to mind), I can't say that there's been one that has especially blown me away. I'll be curious to try this one since they are pushing it as being "intensely hopped" and Gordon notes that they are trying to appeal to IPA drinkers. The beer uses the typical set of noble hops that you'd expect to find in German lagers and pilsners (Hallertau, Tettnang, Spalt, Saaz), so perhaps they just kicked up the amount used.

Release of this speciality beer will start in May and continue throughout the year, so keep an eye on The Shelf Report later this year to see when it starts popping up around town.

Are you a fan of Gordon Biersch beers? Will you go drop $9 to try this limited release?


  1. yet another home run article. you should follow it up with more things about being single cause you judge women on what they drink....

  2. And yet, another coward who writes as "Anonymous"

  3. Everyone knows that Pat's single because he's ugly. The judging people thing is just a bonus. Sheesh.

    On a slightly more topical note, I'm looking forward to trying this beer. I've really been digging pilsners a lot and this sounds right up my alley.

  4. Danner's right, I make Rocky Dennis look like Ryan Gosling (or whoever it is the ladies are swooning over these days).

  5. Any Rocky Dennis reference, IS a home run. Oh yeah, the beer. Looking forward to giving it a go. I mean, why not?

  6. How does beer distro work in KC with it stradling two states? I've never seen any Gordon Biersch beers here in STL. Is it only available on the Kansas side?

  7. Richard, typically it's done by state. There are a bunch of breweries that distribute to the Missouri side that wouldn't be available if you drove 5 minutes across the state line to a Kansas liquor store.

    With this one, though, that's a good question, because we have a Gordon Biersch on both the Kansas and Missouri side in the metro area. My first guess is that it would be on the Missouri side, but let me see if I can find out.