Monday, February 13, 2012

The Shelf Report

Here's a quick update on the latest and greatest that you may find in a liquor store near you:

Now On Shelves

Avery Maharaja
Avery/Russian River Collaboration Not Litigation Batch #6
Grand Teton 5 O'Clock Shadow
New Belgium Biere De Mars
New Belgium Cocoa Mole
New Belgium La Folie
Southern Tier Euro Trash Pilz
Southern Tier Gemini

On Shelves Soon

Bell's Hopslam update - Gomer's and Lukas in MO have both confirmed that it will be available for purchase tomorrow. Lukas noted that their allotment is being delivered in two shipments, one now and one in a month, so they are limiting it to one six-pack per person. They said that Bell's is sending it out that way this year, so other liquor stores may have similar limits.

Returning To (Some) Shelves

Cork and Barrel in Lawrence held back 72 bottles of Boulevard Chocolate Ale to release tomorrow (36 for each store). Each location will release 18 bottles at noon and 18 bottles at 5:30 PM.


  1. Hopslam came in two batches last year too, though the second one seemed to be a surprise and was much smaller than the initial release.

  2. Not on a shelf, but KS got seven kegs of Grand Teton's Imperial Apricot Saison. Currently on tap at Barley's 119th.

    Left Hand Ambidextrous Ale (Imperial Milk Stout) should be tapping soon at both Barley's locations.

  3. You can add Free State Ironman Imperial Stout to the "Not coming to KC shelves" category. Waylon Glick, the beer guy at Rimann, confirmed today on Twitter that it won't make it out of Lawrence, but also said that they are working on expanding the production.

  4. The free state newsletter says Ironman will be making it out of Lawrence, but it doesn't give a time table so who knows.

  5. Looking forward to Stone Old Guardian Barley wine to. Released today. Not sure when it will hit KC though.

  6. people get all mad when they can't get a chocolate ale when they made 10,000 plus for kc, but nobody seems frustrated with free state over ironman. i am a bit. i'm not gonna die but they obviously make good beer so i naturally got excited about an imperial stout release.
    nobody seems to have clue whats going on. i asked for it at tipsy's thinking that missouri wouldn't see it and they didn't seem to know that such a thing existed.
    o well.

  7. Luckily Thomas, Ironman isn't a once a year release(i don't think) and Free State is doing it right by making sure their hometown gets what they need before shipping to other cities and states.

  8. Hopslam here and gone in 30 minutes.

  9. Tapping one last keg of Chocolate Ale for Valentines Day today at 4:00 at Stone Canyon Pizza in Parkville! Can't be much left - get it while you can!

  10. Went looking for Hopslam, walked out with Double Trouble (not a bad consolation). Also found a surprise I didn't know was distributed here - Hitachino Nest White Ale. I've read a lot about it, I hope it lives up to expectations.

  11. Where did you find fresh (2012) Double Trouble around here? I didn't think it hit KC yet.