Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Shelf Report

At the suggestion of a longtime reader, I'm going to try to do a better job of posting new beers that come in that might slip under the radar as we talk about super hyped up releases like Chocolate Ale and Hopslam. Some are limited, some are seasonal, some are just new year-round releases. So, every so often I'll put up a post like this, giving you an alert to beers that have hit shelves that you may have missed, as well as ones that are coming in the near future.

Now On Shelves:

Big Sky Bobo's Robust Porter
Breckenridge Pandora's Bock
Bridgeport Black Rain
Great Divide Nomad
Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale
Mikkeller 19 (culmination of their 19 single-hop IPA series)
Mikkeller Invasion IPA
Mikkeller It's Alright
Mikkeller Tiger Baby
Mikkeller/Three Floyd's Boogoop
Ommegang BPA
Road Trip Old Soul Ale (brewed by Flying Monkey)

On Shelves Soon:

Bell's Hopslam - Gomer's posted today that it is being released by the brewery today, so will likely be in KC distributor hands on Friday. Possibly looking at next Tuesday for arrival on shelves. Keep an eye out for further updates.

Founder's Curmudgeon's Better Half - Scheduled for a February 13th release. Some of you may have tried this at Hopfest last year when they were calling it Kaiser Curmudgeon.

Odell Footprint RegionAle - Scheduled for a February 11th release. Interesting story behind this beer, Odell sourced ingredients from the 10 states that are in its distribution area.

O'Fallon BDS - A new Belgian-style, dark strong ale aged in Port barrels, this was scheduled to be released in early February, so look for it very soon, possibly as early as tomorrow. Should be pretty limited, as they only made 300 cases.

No Shelf For You:

Founder's All Day IPA - Won't be making it to the KC market until late this year or possibly even next year. They said the hop harvest was too soft, so in 2012 it was only released to MI, OH, NC and Chicago.

Anything I missed? Any other beers you are curious about? Let me know in the comments!


  1. "Thanks for the update on the Flying Monkey Road Trip Old Soul Ale. I've been waiting for that to be released." - No one ever.

    Seriously though, this is good information.

  2. Hahaha, I knew someone would say something about that one.

  3. Great addition to the blog! This is my top interest in the KC beer scene-what is new to the shelves!

  4. Pat, taking this idea and running with it could lead to very useful info and actually take the beer blog to the proverbial next level.

  5. Thanks Anon. They key going forward will be figuring out the timins of it so I'm not overloading the blog with these posts, but also not making them too few and far between so people are missing out on beers. Of course, as always, any suggestions or constructive criticism from readers is appreciated.

  6. Ska Brewing has an orange cream stout and I've been hoping it would make it to KC at some point.

  7. Hopslam is my target.

  8. Jen, it looks like Ska first brewed an Oak-Aged Orange Cream Stout back in early 2010, but it was only sold in Colorado, and mostly Southwestern Colorado. They brewed another called Ska Work Orange Cream Stout earlier this year, but as far as I can tell it was an exclusive beer brewed for the Durango Independent Film Festival.

    So at least for the time being, I wouldn't anticipate any Orange Cream Stout heading to Kansas City. Sorry!

  9. Any word on Bigfoot?

  10. Bigfoot was released from the brewery last week so it should be hitting any time now.

  11. Firestone Walker §ucaba?

    Goose Island Bramble Rye Bourbon County?

  12. Brent, Sucaba is awaiting MO label approval, expected to be here sometime this month.

    As for Bramble Rye Bourbon County, I've been trying to get information on this without much luck, once I find something out I'll be sure to post it.

  13. how about FreeState Ironman Imperial Stout? thought it was supposed to be out the end of January.

  14. Where's my Shock Top Wheat IPA?!!?

  15. Ironman is out but I think only in Kansas. Missouri should get Free State 4pck releases in the future, but missed this one.

  16. i was told there would be a limited missour release of ironman the end of feb or 1st part of march

  17. Royal said they didn't think they'd be getting Ironman, but would get future releases. Stop by a Kansas store if you want to make sure. It's fine, but not great if you want to save the trip.

  18. Sounds like the amount of BooGoo in town was really small - the big Lukas on State line only got 6 bottles.(sold out)

  19. I think Ironman is only in Lawrence right now. Royal got a bunch of new stuff recently, you mentioned most of them, but there was one that I picked up that you missed:
    Mahr Mastodon (tribute to the band).

    I assume that we'll get screwed on the Bramble Rye, just like we did on King Henry. I don't think the Bud distributors that carry Goose Island give two shits about the brand. I'm sure it's small change to them.

  20. Ska orange cream stout? I'm in!!! Please post if anyone finds in the area!!

  21. Yeah VERY disappointed we missed out on King Henry. Curious if other good ones like Big John & Night Stalker will be back around town sometime?

  22. Josh, GI has already said they are not making Big John or Night Stalker this year. The base is probably all going in to barrels for Bourbon County variations.

  23. Good blog, release info in the area really helps for us new to town.

  24. Scott (Sometimes Anonymous)February 10, 2012 at 1:15 PM

    Gentlemen and Silverbacks,
    Let us also endeavour (spelled Britishly for effect) to encourage more of our preferred liquor establishments to actively hold tastings. Gomer's Parkville does a splendid job of this each Friday with Jason. I'd like to see others do so as well.

    I understand that Kansas still operates under 1881-ish type liquor laws which gave Carrie Nation sustained erections for decades, but surely as they have legalized evolution and went so far as to elect a Brown-back as Governor, that they too could legalise beer tastings for the masses.

  25. Scott, I agree, I would love to see more liquor stores holding frequent tastings. Gomer's South does them each Friday as well, and today's will be a good one with Jolly Pumpkin.

    Kansas will hopefully be at a point soon where they can hold them: http://kcbeerblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/kansas-samplers.html