Grinders Chocolate Ale Auction

Though the Boulevard Chocolate Ale supply in town continues to dwindle, there's one more interesting opportunity to get your hands on a mass quantity of it, if you have wads of cash burning a hole in your pocket. Grinders Pizza is auctioning off a 1/6th barrel keg (approximately 47 pints) of Chocolate Ale to the highest bidder.

And if the "price is right" on the final bid, they will include a private party for you and a minimum of 10 friends that will include pizzas and other Grinders swag.

To submit your bid for the chance to win the Chocolate Ale keg, e-mail with the subject "My Chocolate Ale party bid" and the following information:

- Bid amount
- Name
- Contact phone number

Bids are due by sundown on Friday, February 24th. As of this posting, a starting bid of $350 had been submitted, so if you are interested in this opportunity for a private Chocolate Ale party, e-mail Grinders at the address above with your bid.

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