The Iron and the Irish

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A couple quick beer release notes:

First, Boulevard Irish Ale starts hitting store shelves in Kansas City today. Although it's a little bizarre having a spring seasonal come out before we've had a significant snowfall in KC, Irish Ale is probably my favorite Boulevard seasonal with Nutcracker coming in at a close second. There should be plenty of this to go around, so no need to speed to the liquor store and throw people to the ground to grab some.

Second, Free State announced that the first release in their specialty series, Ironman Imperial Stout, will hit store shelves at the end of the month. According to their newsletter, it will be available in 4-packs, but they also posted a label graphic that listed a bomber size, so I'm trying to confirm if it will be in both sizes or just one.

Update: Free State confirmed on Twitter that for now, it will just be available in the 4-packs.

On an unrelated note, don't forget to stop by Royal Liquor on 103rd tonight between 5:30 to 7:30, I'll be there with Nate from KC Brew Review hosting a free tasting as part of Royal Liquor Strong Ale Week.


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