Friday, January 13, 2012

B4TW - Deschutes Black Butte Porter

The Deschutes madness continues today as multiple liquor stores sell limited quantities of Hop Henge IPA, The Stoic (a Belgian style quad) and Abyss (their famed Russian Imperial Stout). And the Kansas City release of this Oregon brewery culminates next week in a pair of release parties at The Foundry and All Star Pizza (more information to come).

With all the Deschutes buzz and commotion going around, why not use this weekend as an opportunity to try one of their solid, year-round offerings that will be a mainstay and doesn't require a frantic race to the  liquor store? Black Butte Porter is Deschutes' flagship beer, and for good reason. When I tried this beer for the first time in Denver last fall, I enjoyed the toasted malt and chocolate flavors this beer had without being too heavy. It's very drinkable, and at $3 for a bomber, the price is definitely right.

Even if you can't get out in time to pick up the 3 limited releases that are popping up around town, you can definitely grab a bottle of Black Butte Porter to enjoy this weekend. It's also on tap at multiple places now, so if you'll be out and about at a beer bar on the Missouri side, check for it. After a much anticipated arrival, Deschutes is finally here, and that's why Black Butte Porter is the beer for the weekend.


  1. Doesn't look like they'll be much trouble getting the Hop Henge over the next couple of weeks, but if you want the others better go today it appears.

  2. Is Deschutes available in KS side bottle shops?

  3. I discovered BBP last year down here in Dallas (think they have been distributing to Texas for a few years now) and it's been a regular for me. Check out their Obsidian Stout (excellent, too).

  4. Just had my first Black Butte and it was B4TW. I'm really excited to see more Deschutes product here in KC, been a long time coming.