Lakeside Bucket List

After a morning commute that took twice as long as usual, I, as well as many other Kansas Citians, am ready to just stay inside and drink instead of go back out and brave the absurd traffic. If you choose to do the same, Lakeside Tavern is the perfect place to settle into today.

Today, Lakeside Tavern has a $10 bucket special. However, this isn't your standard Bud Light or Corona bucket deal. For $10, you can get a bucket of any 5 of the following beers:

Boulevard Double Wide IPA
Boulevard Sixth Glass
Boulevard Dark Truth Stout
Guinness Black Lager
Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

5 Lil Smokies or Old Rasputins (or any assortment you choose, as this is a mix-n-match offer) for $10 is a fantastic deal, and quite frankly is probably one of the best beer deals you'll find around town. If you need a refuge from the cold, or simply want to knock back some great beer for cheap, head over to Lakeside Tavern today to take advantage of this special.

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