Monday, December 19, 2011

Are You There God? It's Me, Tebrew

With a Saturday Night Live skit poking fun at him and nearly every sports journalism outlet talking about him nonstop, Tim Tebow has quickly become one of the most, if not THE most, talked about athlete at the moment. And sure enough, the beer world is following suit.

Bonfire Brewing out of Eagle, Colorado revealed that they are working on 'Tebrew' a high ABV barley wine that pays homage to everyone's favorite God-loving quarterback (of course, I use the term 'quarterback' loosely).

This isn't the first time an athlete has inspired a beer. In 2010, after LeBron James left Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat, Great Lakes Brewing Co. created a beer called 'Quitness', a dry-hopped IPA. It was initially so popular that the first 30 gallons sold out in 3 hours.

Are we going to see a new trend of athlete-inspired beers? If so, I have a few ideas:

Jared Allen 69 Barley Wine - With a 14% ABV that's sure to get you a DUI after just one bottle!

Nate Robinson Double IPA - Sold in 7 ounce bottles, this beer would have the slogan "Small in size, big on hops."

GSP ESB - Hey, you'd be Extra Bitter too if you missed out on a title match thanks to a torn ACL..

Sharapova Stout - Russian, with fantastic body and mouthfeel.

And of course, in honor of our own Kansas City Chiefs, Stanzi Light - Because if you drink anything other than American Light Lager, you're a terrorist foreigner. 'Merica.

Tebrew is only available in Bonfire Brewing's tap room, so unless you are planning a trip to Eagle anytime soon, don't expect to get your hands on any.


  1. I look forward to the list of failed beers named after the list of failed Bears quarterbacks. I assume 75th St. would be willing to do this. Or Magic Hat.

  2. For Barry:

    You could have the Rex Grossman -- served in a glass with a hole on the side so it spills when you drink it in honor of him always missing his intended target.

    Or the Jay Cutler -- which would be a mix of different beer styles that are all scrambled about

    Or the Rick Mirer -- touted as the best beer ever but doesn't meet expectations.

  3. Kim Jong-Ale : An imperial rice-wine aged in Courvousier barrels, served in a little skull.

  4. Instead of Stanzi Light, more Palco Light. A beer only one person likes and they are forcing you to drink it .