Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Jokers, One Introduction

Since I know the tension and anticipation has been mounting for the past week or so, I thought I'd go ahead and bite the bullet and introduce myself to the KC Beer Blog crowd as one of the new blog contributors. I thought about creating a moniker (Horseblanket and Gulden Shower were the two that I was most heavily considering), but instead I'm just going to post under my actual name, Pat. Some of you may follow me on Twitter under @AFOMOBlog, and if you don't, you should start..I'm probably the most interesting person on the Internet.

But really, I'm just a guy who enjoys beer and I've lived in Kansas City my entire life, other than 4 God-forsaken years in Omaha for school. I have a personal blog that I write, and I suppose Bull thought that my average-at-best writing abilities and love for beer were a winning combination, so here I am praying that I don't disappoint you all and get chased out of town. I'm sure I have some sort of initiation or hazing in store for me as a new contributor to this blog, so just let me know which dark alley or abandoned building I should meet you at and what supplies I need to bring.

As I mentioned above, I'm under the impression that there will be another person writing posts as well, so I will let them handle introducing themselves.

But enough about me. There's a serious issue we need to address today:

Two Jokers will be disappearing. Well, temporarily, at least.

From Julie Weeks, Boulevard's Marketing Communications Manager:

"We are still putting the finishing touches to our 2012 schedule, but at this time we’re not planning on bringing back Two Jokers Double-Wit as our summer seasonal. If we go that route, it would not necessarily mean we’re retiring the beer forever, instead giving another beer style a chance for shelf life. We have done this in the past with other seasonals. Dark Truth Stout started as a seasonal only, and we distributed Nommo Dubbel this fall instead of Seeyoulator Doppelbock."

I am a huge fan of Two Jokers (and am clearly not alone, as evidenced by the #TeamTwoJokers hashtag that has already sprung up on Twitter), so I'm sad to hear it won't be around next summer. Obviously, Julie's statement leaves it purely up to speculation what will happen after 2012, but I would personally love to have it go the route of Dark Truth and be available year-round.

I know I've seen Two Jokers still available at multiple liquor stores (Royal on 103rd and Brown Bag out in Olathe are two that come to mind), so it may be worth going and grabbing a few extra bottles to have for next year when it will be absent. And when you do, make sure to simulate a Black Friday mob scene and pepper spray anyone within 20 feet of the Smokestack beers to ensure you get your fill.

And of course, as is common practice on the Internet today, we should all use every method possible to harass Boulevard and let them know they would be making a huge mistake if they were to retire Two Jokers completely.

Now the speculation begins..what will the new 2012 Boulevard summer seasonal be?


  1. I would be surprised if the 2012 Summer seasonal they are planning right now is not Hoppy Wheat. When all is said and done, Hoppy Wheat should be a Li'l Smokie mainstay and Two Jokers should be left alone. Or maybe they just need an additional season to keep up with capacity demands for Nommo...

  2. I'm leaning toward the Hoppy Wheat as well. I think it's been a test beer for a good 9 months or so now, and from a marketing perspective it makes sense to have a wheat beer as a summer seasonal.

  3. Hoppy Wheat or Sour Love Child would be my guess.

  4. I'd guess Hoppy Wheat as well. They keep saying that they've continued making it because it goes so quickly and people ask for it.

    Love Child sours would be great but I doubt those will ever go to retail.

    White IPA is going to be a production beer from Deschutes in the near future, seems like bad form both breweries to have the exact same beer at retail at the same time... Sure, it worked for the Collabo but that was a one off.

    Nommo should be discontinued ASAP and replaced with a Love Child beer, keep Two Jokers in the late Spring slot and put Hoppy Wheat in 12oz bottles where it belongs.

  5. Good first post, Pat. I had a sneaking suspicion that you were the chosen one.

    I also assume Hoppy Wheat, which, by the way, has been officially named "Wild Hare."

  6. You guys really thing Boulevard is going to put a standard strength beer in a 750 for $7.99?

    They could imperialize the hoppy wheat beer but then it is just a white IPA so I have by bases covered.

    I think the sours will be bottled but like the other beers that get barrel treatment will be special releases.

  7. I guess that I'm in the minority. I'm not a big fan of the Two Jokers, although I liked this years a bit more with addition of some souring. Some styles of beer don't need doubling or "imperialization" and wit would be one of them.

    I'd be all over the Hoppy Wheat or Love Child.

  8. Maybe Boulevard will throw us all for a loop and introduce an Imperial Zon aged in chardonnay barrels.

  9. Sorry, guys. I should've read Twitter more carefully. Apparently Pauwels told a buddy of mine that Wild Hare (Hoppy Wheat) would be in regular six packs and kegs. No info was given on what's replacing Two Jokers in 2012. Let the speculation continue...

  10. I pray to the beer gods it is Love Child. They need to make Two Jokers and Collabo # 2 year round IMO.

  11. Two Jokers replacement is going to be a rebranded and/or slightly tweaked version of the Collaboration #1 Imperial Pilsner... tentatively named "Reverb."

    I had a buddy in Chicago who attended a recent tasting event up there where this info was shared.

    Cheers gang,

  12. Interesting, thanks for the info/link Tom. I'm just so-so on Imperial and Double Pilsners, but I'll still be curious to see what that's like. Also nice to see there will be a Collaboration #3.

  13. Wild Hare? They're naming a beer after Bugs Bunny?

  14. 1) My immediate thought was the Collab #1, but then I backtracked, b/c it is kind of big for a summer beer.

    2) Speaking of Collab #2 and Deschutes, is there any idea as two when their line will be hitting the KC market?

  15. @Jason Gill

    Deschutes should be available in MO sometime in January, and KS shortly thereafter.

  16. The only thing that Boulevard could have done worse is cancel Zon. Zon & Two Jokers are my favorite offerings.

  17. Wild Hare, aka Hoppy Wheat is scheduled to be a year round, per Pauwels in November.