Schlafly 3, Citrus Witbier

The third edition of Schlafly's Twentieth Anniversary beers, Citrus Wit is hitting KC today. Not much of any of the Twentieth Anniversary beers have left St. Louis and this one is no exception. It's coming to town so long after it was released in St. Louis it makes me think that they were holding it back to see if demand was such that St. Louis would need it. But, no matter, it's here now and is very limited. It will be behind the counter or in the cooler or whatever, in short, you'll have to ask for it. Gomer's, Lukas and Royal on 103rd are your options for this one.

Citrus Wit was brewed by the 3rd generation of Schlafly brewers, the ones who took the brewery from brewpub to regional brewery. It seems to be a pretty standard witbier with some added citrus in the form of orange, lemon and grapefruit peel. If that floats your boat, you're probably going to want to give the above liquor stores a call to reserve your bottle. Maintain your beer karma, once you've got one, don't try to get some from another store.

Update: St. Louis just got bottles last week, so this isn't some held back bit of bottles as I speculated. But still.

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