Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hanson is launching a beer.

Yes, that Hanson. The Hanson that made a killing in the late 90's by looking like girls and creating a diabetes-inducing pop song about gibberish.

At the Oxford Union on Monday, the boy band brothers announced the brew, with drummer Zac Hanson stating:

"It's vital our fans trust in everything Hanson do. We are soon going to be selling our own beer. I'm not joking – Mmmhop IPA anyone?"

Wow. Just wow. If their IPA ends up being anything like their music, I assume it will be sub-par, forgettable and appeal mostly to underage girls.

Expect MMMHop IPA to be available early next year. Alright Kansas City, who's hosting the launch party?


  1. Can't wait! We'll be having a party at Missie B's for the release. Make sure to RSVP! In all seriousness I will try it at least.

  2. I'd try Hanson beer before Ed Hardy beer. Brah.

  3. What about Kid Rock's American Badass Redneck Lager?

  4. The sad part is, if some respectable brewer put out an "MMMhop IPA" as a joke or shot at Hanson, it would have been funny as hell. This, is not...

    As an aside, good posts, Pat...

  5. The timing couldn't be better for Flying Monkey/Weston to re-release Mac's Beer.

  6. I always thought the youngest sister (pictured in middle) was the cutest.

    I've never come across a beer that I'd be embarrassed to buy until I read this. If this beer is even decent...I may have to purchase online using a pre-paid MySimon card. I've taken the time to get to know a few of the dudes at Gomer's up in Parkville, buying a sixer of Hanson beer would set that relationship back several years.