B4TW - Schlafly Winter ESB

No doubt we're into autumn weather now. It's cool, crisp and still dry. Seriously, my skin is about to start peeling off it's so dry. I want a beer that has a good malt backbone but still has a crisp hop presence. Something like that seems like the perfect beer for the sunny, cool weekend. The beer that meets my criteria is Schlafly Winter ESB.

Winter ESB just started hitting store shelves in town this past week. The winter really does bring a bounty to package stores in the metro. There's just too much to choose from and the Winter ESB gets a little lost in the shuffle for most people. I'm not one of those people, it's one of my favorite Schlafly beers of the year and I'm glad it's back. That's why Schlafly Winter ESB is the beer for the weekend.

Winter ESB is widely available all across the metro. It should be available in any store that carries a good seasonal selection or carries a good selection of fine Schlafly beers.

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